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Sh. Ish N. Mishra

Date of Birth:
February 3, 1954
M.Phil., Department of Political Science, University of Delhi, Delhi, 1988.
M.A. in Political Science, Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru
University, New Delhi, 1980.
A. Academic:
 Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Hindu
College, University of Delhi, Delhi, since 2006
 Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Hindu College,
University of Delhi, Delhi, 1995-2006
 Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Hindu College,
University of Delhi, Delhi, 1989-90
 Academic Consultant (Part Time), Faculty of Political Science,
School of Social Sciences, Indira Gandhi National Open
University (IGNOU), New Delhi, 1990-91
 Academic Associate, Faculty of Political Science, School of
Social Sciences, Indira Gandhi National Open University
(IGNOU), New Delhi, 1988-89
 Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Zakir Hussein College,
university of Delhi, 1985-86
 Teacher, Delhi Public School (RK Puram) New Delhi, 1981-85
B. Research:
 Research Associate (Part Time), ICSSR Journal of Abstracts and
Reviews, Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi,
 Research Associate, Centre for Women’s Development Studies
(CWDS), New Delhi, 1986-87
 Research Assistant, Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi,1977-
C. Journalism:
 Co-Editor, Third World Studies, New Delhi, 1989
 Correspondent, Saranga Swar, ( a Hindi fortnightly ),New Delhi,
 Columnist, Yuvakdhara (a Hindi fortnightly), New Delhi, 1985-
A. Academic:
 Political Economy of SEZ in India, Voice of Resistance, New
Delhi, Vol. II, No. 7, May 2014,
 The Specter Of Naxalism: The Neo McCarthyism in India, Voice of
Resistance, New Delhi, Vol. I, No. 3, March 2013.
 Heat and Dust of Highway at Kalinganagar in Economic and
Political Weekly, Bombay, India, 10-15 March 2007
 Chattisgarh: Nationality Movement and the Oppressed in Social
Movements in Contemporary India edited by S.K.Chaube,
K.P.Bagchi Publishers, Calcutta, 1999
 Albert Einstein: Political Profile of a Radical Scientist, Think India,
New Delhi, October-December 2005
 Women’s Question in Communal Ideologies: A Study into the
Ideologies of RSS and Jamaat-e Islami, Encounter, New Delhi,
March-April 1999, first published in Teaching Politics, Delhi
University Political Science Association, Delhi, Vol. XIII, No.1,1987
 Gender-bias in Communal Ideologies, Third World Studies, New
Delhi, July-September 1989
 Role of Religion in South Asia, Government and politics in South
Asia, Department of Political Science, Indira Gandhi National
Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi, 1992-93
 Modern Indian Political Thought: Issues and Approaches, Modern
Indian political Thought, Department of Political Science, Indira
Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi, 1990-91
 Anarchist Theory of State Introduction to Political Ideas and
Institutions, Department of Political Science, Indira Gandhi
National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi, 1988-89
 Constitutionalism in Indian Communist Movement, Third Concept,
New Delhi, February, 1989
 People’s Participation in Rural Development: A Comparison
between China and India, Third Concept, New Delhi, January
VIRASAT (Racist Violence in America and the Columbus’s
Legacy), Samkalin Teesari Duniya (Hindi), August 1992
 SAMPRADAYIKTA AUR ITIHAS (Communalism and the History),
Samkalin Teesari Duniya (Hindi),
 Annotated bibliography on India’s Adivasis for The Other Media,
New Delhi, February-April 2005.
B. Book Review:
I have been writing book-reviews in various newspapers and
magazines/journals since 1982. Some of the published reviews are of the
 Himanshu Roy, Peasant in Marxism (Manak Publishers, New Delhi,
2006) in Indian Historical Review, January 2007
 M.P.Singh & Anil Mishra (ed), Coalition Politics in India in Think
India, New Delhi, April-June 2005
 Deepti Priya, Western Philosophy and Indian Feminism: From
Plato’s Academy to the Streets of Delhi in Encounter, New Delhi,
September -October, 1999
 S.Bhattacharya (ed), The Contested terrain of Education in
Encounter, January-February 2000
 Gyanendra Pandey, Construction of Communalism in Colonial
North India in Social Science Probing, New Delhi, March1990-
December 1991; The Pioneer, 10 April 1993; Samkaleen Teesai
Duniya (Hindi), New Delhi, April 1993
 Tatu Vanhanen, Politics of Ethnic Nepotism in Teaching Politics,
Delhi,No.1 1993
 A.Appadorai, Indian Political Thinking through Ages in Teaching
Politics, No.2, 1992
 Don Brean, Meri Kahani (translated by Bhagat Singh in Hindi) in
Jansatta (Hindi) 6 June 1989
C. Journalistic:
I have been writing articles in various Hindi and English news papers since
1983. Some of them are:
 RSS Seeks to Perpetuate Social Inequalities, Times of India, New
Delhi, 17 August 1989
 Obduracy is not counter Revolution (on Chinese Students Movement
of 1989- rejoinder to an article Students’ Obduracy forced the Use of
Force), Times of India, New Delhi,17 August 1989
 Bahujan Samaj Party: Upsetting the equation, Commerce, New Delhi,
12-26 April 1989
 Celebrating Five Hundred Years of Slavery, Pioneer, New Delhi, 16
May 1992
 Gender-bias in Education Policy, Link, New Delhi, April 9,1989
 KALE NYAY AUR GORE NYAY KA SAMAJ( On race relations in the
USA), Jansatta, 26 June 1992
 Palestine: From a Nation in Exile to Statehood Third world studies,
July-September 1989
 The Heat and dust of a Highway ( on the anti displacement agitation
by the farmers of Kalinganagar in Orissa),Sahara Time, New Delhi, 23
August 2006
 The History and Ideology (On the debate over history text-book
writing), Sahara Time, 1 July, 2006
 Gandhi and the Twenty-first Century, Sahara Time,7 October 2006
Communalism: A Deadly Ideology, Sahara Time, 23 September, 2006
 Nandigram: Peasants’ Struggle against Land Grab, Sahara Time, 14
April, 2007
 Budhadeb Bhattacharya: The Machiavellian Marxist, Red Star, New
Delhi, April 2007.
Seminars and Conferences
Have attended and presented papers in various seminars and
conferences on socio-political issues and have conducted workshops on
education, empowerment and Panchayati Raj institutions. Few of them
are following: Women’s Question in Communal Ideologies at a seminar
on Women, Law and Religion at India International Centre (IIC), New
Delhi, organized by Centre for Women’s Develop Studies in April,
 Constitutionalism and the Indian Left, at a seminar on Indian
Constitution and Social Reform, organized by Centre for
Political Studies (CPS), JNU, New Delhi, October, 1987.
 Chhattisgargh: The Nationality Movement and the oppressed at a
seminar on Social Movements in Contemporary India,
organized by the Department of Political Science, Delhi
University, Delhi, March 1996.
 Gender Challenge to Hindu Nationalism at a seminar on Dalit and
Gender challenge to Hindu Nationalism organized by Centre for
Studies in Social System(CSSS), JNU, New Delhi, March, 1996.
 Panchayati Raj and Social Justice, at a seminar on Panchayati
Raj organized by the Department of Political Science,
Government P.G. College, Hoshangabad, M.P., 11-12 October
 Constitution Review and Globalization at a seminar on Indian
Constitution: Contemporary Perspective organized by the
Department of Political Science, Maharani Laxmibai College,
Gwalior, M.P., 28-28 December 2000.
 Corporate Democracy and the Politics of the Communist Party of
India(Marxist) at an All India Convention on Nandigram and the
SEZ organized by Nandigram Solidarity at Netaji Subhash
Chandra Bose Railway Auditorium, Calcutta (West Bengal), 2-3
June 2007.
 SEZ and Displacement at a National Convention against
Displacement and SEZ organized by Bisthapan Birodhi
Janmanch (BBJ), Kalinganagar (Sukhinda) and others at Lohia
Academy, Bhubaneshwar (Orissa), 26-27 June 2007
 Political Economy of New Education Policy in India at a national
convention on Higher Education at Himachal Pradesh University
Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), 18-19 September 2015.
 Have been main resource person in workshops with Elected Dalit
and Women Panchayat representatives on Panchayati Raj and
Local governance at various places in Varanasi, Bhadohi and
Sonbhadra districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh during August—
October 2000.
 Have written scripts of documentaries, telefilms and serials for
various independent TV producers.
 Have acted as Gandhi in a 5 minutes film capsule depicting
symbolic chess game between Gandhi and Irwin as part of an
exhibition on Salt Satyagrah ( October 2004)
 Acted in a 90 minutes tele-film based on Lu Xun’s story, Diary of a
Mad Man produced by an independent producer for Doordarshan.
 Substantial translations from Hindi to English and vice versa.
 Acted as a disinterested math’s teacher in a feature film yahi hai

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