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Dr. Ravi Nandan Singh

B.Sc., MA, M.Phil, PhD (Sociology)

Dr. Ravi Nandan Singh started his teaching career at this college in 2006 and continues to be part of the department of sociology. He was conferred his Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) by Centre for Study of Social Systems (CSSS), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi in 2011.His thesis is on Representations of death in Benares with fieldwork on Crematoria and Hospital. Subsequently, Dr. Singh has done brief fieldwork based study of a crematorium in Denmark in 2011-12. An interactive art installation ‘Last Minute Exercise’ (New Delhi, INSERT, 2014) held at IGNCA has two public talks by Dr. Singh covering the above mentioned research that are available at the open end interactive web resource ‘Black-Market Archive’.

Dr. Singh has also researched on social science text-books in highereducation in North India and has assisted in a research project on female foeticide.

Having taught most papers of Sociology over the years he is open to new papers on the anvil and looks forward to teach them. Few papers that he has taught regularly are sociology of kinship, sociology of religion, sociology of gender, industry and society and sociology of India. 

Area of Interest.

    •     Sociology of Death

    •     Sociology of Science

    •     Sociology of Kinship

    •     Sociology of Jokes

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Departments Sociology
Designation Assistant Professor

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