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The Department of Zoology of the College is one of the coveted departments for pursuing further studies in the field of animal sciences by the Biology students qualifying their Board examinations, every year and is in fact, the institution of their first choice. The Department, therefore, attracts some of the best talent from the +2 stream every year. The Department of Zoology has an accomplished faculty having specialized in diverse research disciplines namely, Cell Biology, Entomology, Fish Biology, Immunology, Neuro-endocrinology, etc. The Department is also involved in active research with ‘UGC Major Research Project’ and ‘DST Young Scientist Start-up Project’ awarded to one of the faculty members, Dr. Soma M. Ghorai. Some of the faculty members are also engaged in guiding and supervising the research work of Ph.D. students, as well. The University of Delhi awarded two Innovation projects to 3 of the faculty members jointly with some members of the Department of Chemistry, in the year 2015.

The informal attitude of the faculty and laboratory staff of the Department provides an easy and interactive atmosphere conducive for learning and personality development. No learning can be complete only within the four walls of the classroom. The Zoology Department has a vibrant society aptly named ‘GENESIS’, which conducts a number of extra-curricular activities throughout the year with the aim of nurturing the budding scientists with their all-round personality development. ‘Genesis’ offers the students a chance for self-expression and self-assertion and helps them imbibe good social and moral values. As the planning and execution of the various activities of the society are carried out by the students themselves, this inculcates in them a sense of responsibility and brings to the fore dormant leadership qualities which are so sorely needed in today's competitive world to get that extra edge to stand out amongst the crowd.Our students have brought us laurels, and each year, we have been getting the top ranks in the University. The alumni have been able to carve out a niche for themselves in their chosen areas of specialization.

The up gradation of the infrastructure is an ongoing process in the Department. Students are also exposed to hands-on research in addition to their usual curricular activities. The Department has a well-organized Museum, its own computers with internet connections, a digital library with a collection of the latest editions of over 1400 books, a rich collection of research/ review papers from scientific journals, around 300 Nature/Science documentaries and films and a dedicated LCD projection facility for them. The students are also taken to reputed research labs, field trips, excursion tours for practical learning outside the four walls of their labs and classroom. The students also undertake summer training to acquaint themselves with recent research in Biological sciences in some of the renowned research institutes in the country, namely IIS and JNCASR, Bangalore; TIFR, Mumbai; NBRC Gurgaon; NII, Delhi, etc.



M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Sr scale)


M.Sc., PGDSM, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Sr scale) 

3. Dr. C.L.  JONWAL

M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D.,  Assistant Professor

4. Dr. NEETU

M.Sc., Ph.D., Assistant Professor


M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., Assistant Professor 


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