Student Parliament

Parliament of the Republic of Hindu College 2016-2017

The following is a list of contact numbers of the various office bearers of the Parliament of Republic of Hindu College:

Prime Minister: Bhavishya Mehta 9871192910
Leader of Opposition: Dhara Singh Kushwaha 9953641533

Cabinet Ministers

Finance Minister: Anurag Singh 9899655479
Cultural Minister: Akash Sharma 8375806970
Public Relations Minister: Shivam Pandey 7053484268
Literary Activities Minister: Mrigank Magotra 9971048186
Library Minister: Ganesh Rajak 7053727978
Sports Minister: Ravi Yadav 9958983317
Student’s Welfare Minister: Ujali Verma 9971872276
Information and Co-ordination Minister: Ishwar Priyadarshi 9899798317
Canteen Minister: Trishanku Bhuyan 9643136257
Environment Minister: Shubham Ajmera 9582428334
Girl’s Welfare Minister: Lokesh Singh 8860822384
Physically Disabled Students Welfare Minister: Chhotak Sahni 8802564814

Cabinet Secretaries

Finance Secretary: Mamtanjay Kumar 9958865528
Cultural Secretary: Aditya Dwivedi 9810791934
Public Relations Secretary: Ankit Aggarwal 9953176209
Literary Activities Secretary: Ashish Dixit 8853044015
Library Secretary: Shivam Singh 8006744184
Sports Secretary: Mahir Amir 9650269285
Student’s Welfare Secretary: Hafsa Khan 8130500420
Information and Co-ordination Secretary: Indrajit Hessa 837588059
Canteen Secretary: Prashant Tiwari  9555915359
Environment Secretary: AshishYadav  8285888838
Girl’s Welfare Secretary: Radhika Michu 9582930963
Physically Disabled Students Welfare Secretary: Harsh Pant 7052295642

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