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Dr. Vivek Verma

Ph.D.,“Studies of Magnetic and Electrical Properties of doped and substituted Lithium Ferrites”,2010,National Physical Laboratory , New Delhi & University of Delhi, India
M.Sc.,Physics,2004,University of Lucknow
B.Sc.,Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy,2002,University of Lucknow


Career Profile:- 

Organization / Institution




1.        National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi

2.        National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi

3.        Hindu College, University of Delhi, India

4.        Hindu College, University of Delhi, India





Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Assistant Professor








Research Scholar


Research Scholar






eaching Experience(Subjects/Cources Taught):-

23 Aug. 2005-06 Jan 2006 SRPG College, Nadbai, Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Undergraduate Classes.

17 Aug. 2009- cont..: Assistant Professor- Hindu College, University of Delhi, Undergraduate Classes










Honours And Awards:-





In Indexed/Peer Reviewed Journals:-

(1). Vivek Verma, Vibhav Pandey, Sukhveer Singh, R.P. Aloysius, S. Annapoorni,   R.K.   Kotanala, “Comparative study of structural and magnetic properties of nano-crystalline Li0.5Fe2.5O4 prepared by various methodsPhysica B: Condensed Matter, Volume 404, Issue 16, 2309-2314 (2009).

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(4). Vibhav Pandey, Vivek Verma, R.P. Aloysius, G.L. Bhalla, R.K. Kotnala, “Magnetic and magneto-transport properties of (Ba0.8Sr0.2)2-xNdxFeMoO6Solid State Communications, Volume 149, Issues 21-22, Pages 869-873(2009).

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(10). Vivek Verma, Vibhav Pandey, V.N. Shukla, S. Annapoorni and R.K. Kotnala, “Remarkable influence on the dielectric and magnetic properties of lithium ferrite by Ti and Zn substitution” Solid State Communications, Volume 149, Issues 39-40, Pages 1726-1730 , October (2009).

(11). Vivek Verma, S. P. Gairola, Vibhav Pandey, J.S. Tawale and R.K. Kotanala, “High permeability and low power loss of Ti & Zn substitution lithium ferrite in high frequency range Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 321, Issue 22, Pages 3808-3812, November (2009).

 (12). S.P. Gairola, Vivek Verma, L.P. Purohit and R.K. Kotanala, “Complex permittivity, complex permeability and microwave absorption properties of BaCoxMnxTi2xFe12-4xO4 ferrites in X-band frequenciesSolid State communications, Volume 150, Issues 3-4, Pages 147-151, January (2010).

(13). Kuldeep Chand Verma, R.K. Kotnala, Vivek Verma, N.S. Negi, “Nanograins dependent dielectric constant, tunability, phase transition, impedance spectroscopy and leakage current of (Pb1 − xSrx)TiO3 thin films Thin Solid Films, 518 (2010) 3320–3325

(14).  M. Abdullah Dar, Khalid Mujasam Batoo, Vivek Verma, W. A. Siddiqui and R.K. Kotnala,  “High dielectric constant valued nano ferrite crystals prepared by citrate-gel methodJ. Alloys and Compounds, 493 (2010) 553–560.

 (15).      Viswan L. Reena, Chorappan Pavithran, Vivek Verma and Janardhanan D. Sudha, “Nanostructured Multifunctional Electromagnetic Materials from the Guest-Host Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Ternary System of a Polyaniline-Clay-Polyhydroxy Iron Composite: Preparation and PropertiesJ. Phys. Chem. B 2010, 114, 2578–2585.

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(b) In national/international conference proceeding

(32).  Vivek Verma, Vibhav Pandey, R.K.Kotnala, “Magnetic and electrical properties of cadmium substituted lithium ferrites” MAGNETIC MATERIALS: International Conference on Magnetic Materials (ICMM-2007). AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1003, pp. 133-135 (2008).

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 (35).   Jyoti Shah, Vivek Verma, Mohan Chand, Vibhav Pandey and R. K. Kotnala, “Humidity Sensitive Ceramic Material-Magnesium FerriteMSI Bulletin, Vol. 31, (2007-2008).

 (36).  R. P. Aloysius, Vivek Verma, Vibhav Pandey, P. Srinivasan, R. K. Kotnala, 2010 Conference on  Precision Electromagnetic Measurements, June 13-18, 2010, Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon, Korea.




Area of Interest.

          The thesis work was on the development of the high quality, cost effective and low loss ferrites for microwave and power applications. EMI shielding applications of soft and hard ferrites and their composites with conducting polymers.

    Area of reasearch- Magnetic nano-materials, Spintronics materials and multiferroic systems.

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Departments Physics
Designation Assistant Professor

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