1. Library

A fully automated, air conditioned and computerized library with over one lakh books providing a good infrastructure and pleasant ambience of reading and learning.

Hindu College Library is one of the oldest among Delhi University college libraries. It came into existence along with the foundation of the college in 1899. Hindu College Library is fully air-conditioned, digitized, and computerized. The library is open to bonafide students of all the classes. All important and relevant textbooks are kept in the Reserve Section that may be read by students to expand their knowledge. The Reserve Section also has a reading room on the first floor. There is a well-equipped Reading Room, which subscribes to a large number of dailies, weeklies, periodicals, and journals covering a wide range of subjects.

4.2.1 Library Automation

Students, teachers, and other staff members of the college are entitled to become members of the library.
The following services are offered. Issuing of Books

  • For Undergraduate Students - 5 Books for 14 Days
  • For Post Graduate Students - 6 Books for 14 Days
  • Teaching Staff - 35 Books for 30 Days
  • Non-Teaching Staff - 5 Books for 30 Days
Reservation of Book(s)
Books in great demand and which generally remain under issue can be reserved by the user at the circulation counter.

Reference Service

It is to assist users in getting their required information and making full use of the resources in the library. It includes guidance in the use of information resources and services, e-resources and the OPAC system. Photocopying Service

The library helps in providing photocopies of articles/text to students and staff members from the documents available in the library. The user may obtain the required document for this reason using his or her library card and return it right away after having it photocopied by a vendor.

New Arrival Display Service

Before they are made available for loan, freshly added books to the library are displayed on the New Arrival Display Rack.

OPAC Service

One can use the OPAC to search for a particular item in the library's collections using criteria such as author, title, and keyword.

Internet Access

The Library is Wi-Fi enabled and users can access the internet and e-resources through UGC-Infonet and the portals of the University of Delhi. The library provides access to 6000+ e-journals and 200000+ e-books through NLIST.

2. Halls and Auditoriums

The College has an impressive number of halls, auditoriums, conference rooms, and committee rooms for academic and non-academic purposes. Three new academic and co-curricular facilities have been recently added to its campus, namely an amphitheatre, an auditorium, and a research center. The Sanganeria Auditorium is fully air-conditioned, with great acoustic interiors, comfortable seating, fully equipped green rooms, and a grand stage. Comparable to any modern movie theatre, the auditorium with 3362 Sq. Ft. area has a seating capacity of 900. It has 2 green rooms, 1 washroom, and a balcony.

There is another grand hall, the Sushila Devi Auditorium, located in the Relaxo Research Centre building. Built for holding seminars, workshops, and other academic events, it is fully air-conditioned, enabled with multi-media facilities, and with a seating capacity of more than 200.

The College has a Conference Room, which is fully ICT-enabled, with a seating capacity of 80-100. The Conference Room is an ideal space for holding talks, seminars, screenings, and other events.

The Seminar Room of the College is another space for hosting academic and non-academic events. It is air-conditioned with a dedicated desktop, LCD projector, 70 table-top mics, a powerful sound system, and with a seating capacity of 150.

Utsav, the Amphitheatre is adjacent to the new Sanganeria Science Block. The Amphitheatre, built in the classical style, offers the students an additional space for creative self-expression.

3. Classrooms

The classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The classrooms are well-equipped with comfortable chairs, benches, tables, projectors, microphones, and speakers, as well as screens, blackboards, fans, windows, air conditioners, and other amenities. The brainstorming sessions that support the students' all-around learning make them happy to be in the classes every time. Students are provided with a disabled-friendly (divyanga) campus and classrooms.

4. Lawns and Gardens

The green lawns and gardens add to the beauty of the College. They are a treat to the eyes. Spending time in lawns and gardens help students relax, elevate their mood, and enhance their creativity.

As soon as one enters the campus, one is greeted with several lovely lawns and gardens. The Herbal Garden and the Botanical Garden are the prime attractions. The campus boasts of a variety of trees and plants – eucalyptus camaldulensis (safeda), cinnamomum camphora, bombax ceiba, grevillea robusta, hibiscus rosa sinensis, pongamia pinnata, aegel marmelos, techtona grandis, kallistemon, citrinus, elstonia scoleris, and many more.

In addition to these, there are 3 more lawns - NSS Lawn, Principal Lawn, and Ibtida Lawn. A staggering variety of seasonal and perennial flowers, including dandelion, english daisy, yarrow, clover, rose, daffodil, petunia, marguerite, and many more, bloom there.


The College also has a dedicated plant nursery. Its purpose is to provide young plants or saplings to farms, gardens, agriculture, forestry, and in conservation modes. It saves considerable time for the raising of the next crop. The nursery is located behind the Girls' Hostel building.

5. Eateries/ Food Courts

The Food Court of Hindu College includes a canteen and an open-air kiosk. The Canteen has a modern kitchen, serving healthy and hygienic food, and fruit juices, at reasonable rates to staff members and students of the College. Fresh seasonal beverages and food items are available at the canteen. It has an indoor seating capacity of 100 and an outdoor seating capacity of 200. The canteen has both male and female restrooms that are clean and well-equipped.

An open-air kiosk, for tea coffee, and readily available food, is an excellent student-friendly hangout joint, situated adjacent to the Amphitheatre of the College. Students and teachers are often seen eating and sitting together and engaging in wholesome and stimulating discussions.

6. Health and Hygiene

The College places a lot of emphasis on the overall cleanliness and wellness of its members. We consider good health to be a crucial component of a productive workplace. To satisfy and maintain our health standards and the demands of the college community, we have a health center/medical inspection room, a gymnasium, a sports complex, a counseling cell, a boys' common room, and a girls' common room.

Health Centre

In order to handle the students' routine medical needs, the college offers a fully functional medical room with first aid supplies and a full-time nurse. Additionally, the institution offers an emergency on-call physician service. The WUS Health Centre, located on the university campus, provides health services to the hostel's occupants.

Counselling Cell

At Hindu College, we belive that part of what determines our general health and well-being is having a healthy mind and psyche. To this end, we have a special counseling cell dedicated to addressing and resolving the mental issues of the students, such as anxiety, home-sickness, nervousness, eating disorder, panic disorder, homesickness, substance dependence/disorder, personality disorder, mood disorder, suicidal ideation, and so on.

Currently, Mrs. Mukul Arora, a renowned psychologist, oversees the counselling cell's seamless operation and active operation. The cell serves the needy pupils around-the-clock. [Contact: 990841345]


The sports complex of the College has a gymnasium. It has both modern and traditional fitness equipment and is fully air-conditioned and well-ventilated.

It has 02 treadmills, 02 walkers, 03 gym cycles, 01 leg press, 01 pec fly and 01 chest press, and many more useful health equipment.

Girls' Common Room

The College has a well-equipped girls' common room with 12 chairs, a sofa, a dressing table, and an almirah, with attached washrooms. It also has beds and a television for resting and recreational purposes. The facility offers girls basic medical kits and a vending machine with essentials for feminine hygiene. The room is situated next to the Botanical Garden.

Boys' Common Room

The College also has a well-equipped boys' common room with chairs, a sofa, tables, and an almirah, with attached washrooms. It also has beds and a television for relaxing and entertainment. The room provides basic medical kits and other essential services.

In all of the College's buildings and locations, there are tidy washrooms. We have especially dedicated washrooms for males, females, and physically challenged (Divyanga) people.

7. Sports Facilities

Hindu College has a long and illustrious history of excellence in sports. The College has outstanding sports facilities with a big field, including a state-of-the-art gymnasium, volleyball and basketball courts, a football field, and a cricket pitch. The institution offers all of the necessary equipment to the athletes, and we participate in almost all sporting events. Our basketball, football, and cricket teams have all performed admirably at the university level.

The sports complex consists of the following:

Playground: 200m x 123m including a Cricket field (125m x 70 m) with 05 Cricket pitches and Football field (100m x 75m).

  • Net Practice Area: 50m x 24m
  • Basketball Court: 28m x 15m
  • Volleyball Court: 18m x 19m
  • Sports Complex: 468.21 Sq.m.
The complex has a table tennis room, sports room, chess room, two physiotherapy rooms, two changing rooms, a kitchen, and five washrooms including one for physically challenged sports persons.

8. Stationary Shop

There is a dedicated stationary shop in the College. Photocopy, printing, and binding facilities are easily available within the College premises. There are affordable options for all necessary and practical stationery goods, including pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, notebooks, spiral books, flashcards, file folders, markers, highlighters, sticky notes, rules, geometry tools, whiteboards, staplers, etc. Additionally, the store sells printed course materials for a range of college courses.

9. Staffroom

The College has a dedicated common staffroom where teachers sit and interact with each other. It promotes collegiality, fraternity, and the exchange of needful information. The air-conditioned staffroom has clean, well-kept couches, chairs, tables, and notice boards. Over 100 people can sit there. Major daily newspapers are available in the room as well.

There is also a pantry in the staffroom. Water, cookies, coffee, and tea are all easily accessible necessities.

The room also has a dedicated study chamber which has locker facilities, three computers and a printer, study cabins, and other amenities.

The staffroom also has two clean washrooms.

10. Open Learning Center

The college has an open learning center (Learner Support Center) set up by IGNOU. IGNOU offers online distance education. The college has a tie-up with IGNOU.

11. Research Centre

Hindu College has introduced a Research Centre as a dedicated research facility for the faculty and students. The 38,000-square-foot, four-storey facility has labs for the sciences, social sciences, languages, and media. Since the beginning of an undergraduate programme, a need for a dedicated research facility was felt to enhance students' learning. The centre meets the need for a comprehensive research centre that offers the ideal setting and scope for scientific endeavour. Students will experience a significant increase in the opportunities available for enhancing their critical thinking and analytical skills coupled with a rigorous research grounding, adding to their solid academic foundation. Most notably, the college has recently been awarded the DBT Star College Scheme by the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Education, Government of India.

FTIR, EDXRF, Tunable light source, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, CO2/O2 incubation, stability chamber, environment chamber, spin coater, etc. are among the high-tech equipment found in these labs at the centre. There are also almost 20 fully equipped science labs for conducting routine experiments as part of the curriculum in addition to these research facilities.

The research center building also has especially dedicated botany labs, the multimedia lab, and SDA (Sushila Devi Auditorium).

12. Multimedia Studio

The multimedia studio at Hindu College, which is equipped with the newest technology, is a wonderful chance for students and staff to increase their knowledge of and experience with multimedia.

The new equipment in the studio includes [SONY A7 S III] 4K cameras, [HERO VIEW model X] a teleprompter, [Soundcraft 12 MTK] a sound mixer, [Sennheiser CL-100] microphones, [Apple Mac Mini] an editing suite, [BMD ATM Mini] a multi-viewer and streamer, [ATEM Television Studio Pro HD] a live production professional broadcast switcher, an interactive digital board, chroma set with advanced chroma keying, LED lights, and an associated Production Control Room (PCR).

The 4K camera is a professional-grade tool that provides stunning image quality, making it ideal for video production, while the teleprompter makes it easier for students to deliver scripted content on camera. The vision mixer and sound mixer are essential tools that allow students to create seamless multimedia presentations. The microphones, edit suite, and interactive digital board allow students to create, edit and present their multimedia content with ease. The chroma set with advanced chroma keying enables students to create professional-quality video content, such as green screen productions.

13. Labs and Museums

The College has dedicated labs and museums for Chemistry, Zoology/Biology, Botany, Physics, and other experimental sciences.

Botany Lab

The Department of Botany has two departmental labs and one library (lab no. 302) in the new academic block that accommodates about 40 students, with ease. Besides, each laboratory (three in total) has camera-fitted microscopes. The department has a Central Instrumentation Facility, having equipment used in molecular biotechnology, and microbiology.

Instruments at the lab include permanent slides, classwork dissection material, petri dish, 100x17 mm, wash bottles, herbarium press, microscopes, autoclave, hot plates, incubators, etc.

Botany museum specimens include algae, fungi, bryophyta, pteridophyta, gymnosperms, angiosperms, various glass specimen jars, etc.

Physics Labs

The College also has a dedicated physics lab featuring high-quality instruments and rare specimens.

Various instruments in the lab include microscopes, resistor, rheostat, multimeter, voltmeter, ammeter, galvanometer, potentiometer, battery eliminator, daniel cell, leclanche cell, ohm's law apparatus ohm's law apparatus, magnetic equipment, compass, magnet, prism, lens, mirror, glasses, optical bench, pendulum, parallelogram apparatus, etc.

Zoology Labs

The College also has a dedicated zoology lab featuring high-quality and modern instruments and rare specimens.

Various instruments in the labs include a compound microscope, dissection microscope, dissection box, bone cutter, hand magnifying lens, laboratory spirit lamp, laboratory spatulas, dissecting microscope, binocular microscope, trinocular microscope, etc.

Chemistry Labs

The College also has a dedicated chemistry lab featuring high-quality and modern instruments and rare specimens and important chemicals.

Various instruments in the lab include compound microscope, dissection microscope, hand magnifying lens, laboratory spirit lamp, laboratory spatulas, dissecting microscope, binocular microscope, trinocular microscope, erlenmeyer flask, beaker, test tube, vial with cap, glassware- used for measurement, volumetric flask, graduated cylinder, pipet, buret, equipment often used in titrations, ring, stand, buret clamp, utility clamp, funnel, watch glass, crucible, tongs, glass stir bar, magnetic stir bar, disposable pipet, wash bottle, pipet bulb, safety goggles, centrifuge, bunsen burner, dessicator, etc.

All the chemical substances required for conducting both routine and unique chemical investigations are available in adequate quantities in the labs.

Computer/ ICT Labs

The College also has multiple computer labs in old and new buildings. There are more than 200 systems available for study and research purposes for students and teachers. There is also a dedicated computer lab for CBT operations. All the computer labs are fully air-conditioned and equipped with printing machines and ultra-fast internet speed.

14. Residence Facilities


A well-furnished hostel with 119 rooms and a common room with recreational facilities. With lush green surroundings, its architectural grandeur, and aesthetics it provides a home away from home to students.

Situated next to the sports complex, the Hostel is a spacious structure with 119 rooms enclosing eight lawns with rose beds and hedges. The Hostel provides residential facilities to about two hundred undergraduate and postgraduate male students.

Girls' Hostel
Smt. INDU PUNJ GIRLS Hostel Hindu College

Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri, the Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs, officially opened the student residence for the College's female students. Round-the-clock security is provided with security guards at the main gates of the hostel. There are CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of the residents at all times. The Hostel has a common room on the ground floor where residents can read daily newspapers and magazines, and play indoor games. There is also a television with cable capabilities. The hostel has a badminton court and an open air space for other recreational activities. Other amenities include a spacious kitchen with modern facilities, a common dining hall, a medical room and common rooms on each floor, which are being used as reading rooms and conference rooms by the students. Each floor has been provided with a well-equipped pantry for off-time self-preparation of snacks/refreshments. For students coming from different states and diverse backgrounds, the Student Residence for Girls is thus a very comfortable space – ‘A Home away from Home'.

Teachers' Residence
The College also provides residence facilities for its teaching staff.

15. Banking Facilities

The college also provides banking services and facilities to its members. There is an SBI branch located within the college premises. It is a full-fledged branch of the bank and provides all the useful banking and finance services like loans, accounts, cards, investments, postal services, e-banking forms and operations, etc.

The banking premises also have 24x7 ATM machines kept in optimum functional condition.

16. Parking Facilities

The college has multiple parking locations for vehicles. We have a parking area that can hold more than 50 automobiles next to gate number 1. We also offer bike parking close by. In addition, there is an old motorbike parking area close to the herb garden with tin roofs. It has room for almost 200 motorcycles.

The car parking area has also used its underground space to build a water treatment plant.

There is also parking space available close to the Girls’ Hostel of the College. It can accommodate more than 20 four-wheelers and/or up to 50 two-wheelers.

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