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North-East Cell

North-East Cell

The North-East Cell, Hindu College is a representative college society that began its functioning in 2011. The Cell was established with a vision to provide a homelike environment for the students from the North Eastern States by creating a friendly space where they could share their experiences and sort out their problems, if any. The Cell sets its sights on spreading awareness amongst the people, especially the College fraternity so as to amalgamate the nation with the lesser-known cultures of Northeast India, a significant step towards national integration. Furthermore, any student of the college who are keen to learn and experience more about North East India may register for the cell and be a part of this big family.

Throughout its lifespan, the cell has worked to turn the spotlight on the North-East through screening of regional films, webinars discussions on contemporary developments in North-East India, sessions with accomplished persons from the North-East, North-East India news and updates, etc.

Every year, the cell also celebrates its annual festival “NEtym”, a multi-dimensional event to encompass the varied art, culture and history of India’s north-east, the region’s handicrafts, food, clothing, literature, etc. The cell also brings out its very own publication, 'The North-East Indian', sharing a glimpse of all that defines this unique biodiversity-rich region of the country.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. N Santakrus Singh

List of President/Post Holders

    1. Presidents                  : W Rolin Singh & Himasweeta Sarma
    2. Vice President           : Janhavi Sharma
    3. Cultural Head           : Nabam Mwnam
    4. Creative Heads         : Upasana Barman & Sikmik Bora
    5. General Secretary     : Esther Rongpipi & Nabam Talam
    6. Treasurer                  : Dayeng Tamin
    7. Content Head           : S. Bangshing Panja
    8. Social Media Heads : Suangouding Guite & Rishabh Arya

Activities at a Glance


Every year, the northeast region of India receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. In 2022, the floods and landslides triggered by torrential rain caused large scale devastation of life and property in the states of Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. Many people lost their lives and countless families were displaced. Roads were cut-off and communication systems disrupted due to these natural catastrophes.

The Northeast Cell posted donation links, pictures and news about the disaster on our Instagram page to make people aware. The Cell started a Donation Drive for these northeastern states and it was decided that all the funds generated would be donated to help the victims. We released a poster on our Instagram page and started collecting funds online on the 9th of July, 2022. We had an offline donation drive on 22nd July, 2022, in the New Academic Block in Hindu College. By the 24th of August, 2022 we had collected Rs. 15,000. Since Assam was most adversely affected, we divided the money accordingly. The division of money was as follows:
Total funds collected - Rs. 15,000

  1. Assam - Rs. 6,000
  2. Meghalaya, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh - Rs. 3000 each.

The money collected for Assam was handed over to the Assam Bhawan in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi by Himasweeta Sarma. The money collected for Manipur was sent to Mr. Adai Dangmei, a social activist who provided aid to the affected family members of Makhuam Village. The money collected for Arunachal Pradesh was sent to Katam Mission, an NGO in Doimukh, Papumpare District. The money collected for Meghalaya was sent to a local NGO in the affected area. Even though the collected amount was not much, NEC, Hindu College was able to help a few families whose lives were affected by the natural disasters.



Himalayan Day was celebrated on 9th September 2022, by ‘Panchtatva,’ the Environment Society of our college in collaboration with North East Cell under the aegis of Himalayan Study Circle, Hindu College and Centre for Himalayan Studies, University of Delhi.
The session was filled with captivating folk dance and song performances   by the members of North East Cell, Hindu College. There were a total of three traditional dance performances representing the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Sikkim.
All in all the session was a huge success with the combined efforts of both the societies.

Arunachal Dance Performance                                                                 Assamese Song Choir


On the 19th of September, 2022, the departments of Chemistry and Botany of Hindu College hosted a one day seminar under the headline ‘FLAVOURS AND FRAGRANCE.’
The program featured the performances of the college societies and its students. Among the many performances, North East Cell in collaboration with ‘Nakshatra,’ the Fashion Society of Hindu College, put together a fashion show to showcase the creative talent of the students. Due to the rigorous practice and full dedication of the student volunteers from both societies, the show was a grand success.
While the Fashion Society showed off their creative take on the topic of Fragrance and Flavors by adding flowers, colours and bright makeup; North East Cell took the step to demonstrate how deeply our attires and traditions are rooted in nature. The romanticism of flowers in the hair of women, the big and beautifully hand woven clothes of North East India and the bright colours of the North East were all included in the show.

The main aim of showcasing North-Eastern culture and traditional attire  in the fashion show was to make the spectator audience aware of the culture of North East India. It was also another way to allow the students belonging to this particular region of the country to revisit their roots and be proud of their unique identity.
The Cell also extended a hand of invitation to the North East Cell of Miranda House College ‘Nakshatra’ and the North East Cell of Miranda House to put forth a dance performance to highlight the important role played by dance and music in the cultural identity of North East India. Overall, this collaborative performance proved to be a major success which was attested by the appreciative words of the Principal and the awe of the guests and audience.


North East Cell, Hindu College in collaboration with Central District Legal Service Authority under the aegis of DALSA and NALSA, successfully organised a seminar cum awareness Session on “Diversity, Inclusion and Equality” on 20th October 2022. The Speakers for the session were Anju Kapur who is a consultant at The World Bank, founder of AKMD Legal, Chairperson of AKMD FOUNDATION, National President of Anti Sexual Harassment Council WICCI as well as the Co-Chair of Legal Cell FICCI FLO. The students in attendance had an amazing time diving into the world of law and talking about real life situations with our multifaceted speaker.
The seminar, with our Chief Guest Ms. Rishika Srivastava helped students gain a lot of information to apply in their day to day lives, and insightful knowledge about laws, legal procedures and legal aids. They also helped various students resolve their queries related to legal issues.

It was an immense pleasure for us to be the host of the event. We thank everyone who took out time to attend the seminar.

REEL SERIES ON NORTH EAST TOURISM - 31st October 2022 - 5th December 2022

North East Cell, Hindu College is always ideating on how to create more awareness about our region and this time we decided on utilising the power of social media. The Cell, to create more awareness and also encourage more participation from its cell members, started a reel series on ‘Tourism in NE, Ladakh’ where we shared valuable information about some amazing places to visit in the beautiful yet unexplored region.
We covered all the eight sister north eastern states as well as Ladakh and Darjeeling Hills, considering the fact that students from these regions share commonalities in terms of the kind of experience they face in their daily lives. Our culture and people are not known to many people, and with our vision of inclusivity and celebration of diversity, we try to do our best in educating and making people aware about our community.
This reel series turned out to be quite successful as its reach on social media was quite high. The reels were shared innumerable times and gained the love of people all around as evident by the numbers and stats we have shared below.

REEL SERIES on INTERESTING FACTS - 28 January 2023 to 5 March 2023

North East Cell, Hindu College once again on the mission of creating awareness and educating the student community in the university about our region and our culture took on the task of another reel series named “5 Interesting Facts”. Boosted by the success of the last reel series which helped increase our reach to the world, the Cell created this second reel series to create more awareness about the interesting things about our region which are often ignored or remain unknown.

This reel series did even better than the first one and received massive love from the crowd, gaining innumerable comments, likes, shares and views.
All in all, it is only right to state that the Cell succeeded in its journey of fostering an environment of awareness and appreciating the diverse cultures of the North East. The Cell hopes to continue this amazing journey in the upcoming session as well.

MOVIE SCREENING in collaboration with WDC, HINDU COLLEGE - 3rd February 2023

Women's Development Cell, Hindu College in Collaboration with North East Cell, Hindu College and Hindu College queer collective organised a movie screening followed by a discussion session on an Assamese movie “Bulbul Can sing” directed by Rima Das. The movie screening was open to all students from Hindu College and those from other colleges who had registered for the same.
The film centres around three teenagers

trying to come to terms with their sexual identities in Kalardiya village near Chaygaon in Assam but who they want to be and what their community expects them to be are two different
things as they find themselves at odds with the social mores and moral codes of their village.

A discussion on the movie was followed after the screening and the panel pointed at the technical aspects of the movie and how important it is to maintain that throughout the movie to make sure the message gets delivered to the audience in the most lucid way. Our discussion also explored the various social evils highlighted by the movie, for instance - the question of gender, issue of space to explore one's own identity and desires. We also discussed moral policing in a nuanced manner, its various forms and its effects. The audience participation was amusing and we had the most amazing and fruitful session.

SPEAKER SESSION with DR. AVITOLI ZHIMO in collaboration with WDC, HINDU COLLEGE - 28 February 2023

North East Cell in collaboration with Women's Development Cell, Hindu College organised a successful speaker session by Dr. Avitoli G Zhimo on “Portrayal of Women and the Gazes it Invokes: Reflections on the Colonial Monographs of tribes in North East India’ on 28th February 2023. Dr. Avitoli G Zhimo is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi and her sessions have it in them to draw the audience’s attention like no other. Her area of interest includes Visual Anthropology, Tribal studies, and Anthropology of Law. The session was held in the Seminar Hall of our College, entry kept open to all students, faculty and staff of the College.
The session was very interesting and interactive and all participants had many questions to ask. The students took back a lot in terms of awareness and insight after the session.

We are ever grateful to Dr. Zhimo and look forward to such sessions with her in the coming future.

NETym’23 - 21 April 2023

The annual cultural fest “NETym ‘23” organised by the North East Cell of Hindu College, Delhi University, took place on 21st of April, 2023. The event aimed to showcase the rich cultural heritage and talents of the North East region of India while fostering unity, diversity, and inclusivity among the student community. NETym ‘23 took off with where its previous celebrations left off. This year due to the various security concerns all throughout Delhi University, the cultural fest was limited to only the students, staff and faculty of Hindu College.
Inauguration Ceremony:
The fest commenced with an enthusiastic inauguration ceremony graced by esteemed guests, faculty members, and students. It featured a traditional mementos awarded to the Chief  Guest and staff advisor of the Cell, followed by inspiring speeches emphasising the importance of cultural exchange and promoting harmony among different communities.
Cultural Performances:
NETym ‘23 witnessed a diverse range of cultural performances, including traditional dances, music, and theatre. Participants showcased the vibrant cultures of the eight North Eastern states through their mesmerising performances. The audience was enthralled by the captivating display of talent, colourful costumes, and graceful gestures.

Unique Itinerary:
This year the NETym ‘23 incorporated a set of upcoming artists to reflect our rich cultural heritage. Some of the performances in this categories were:


Food Stalls:
Delicious North Eastern cuisine was served at food stalls, offering an opportunity for attendees to indulge in the authentic delicacies of the North-east India. The aroma of the food added to the festive ambiance, providing a memorable culinary experience for all.
Five-fold Cultural Competitions:
North East Cell presented a “five-fold cultural competition” to celebrate the uniqueness of the North Eastern states of India. The participants were requested to submit their work in an online form and strictly adhere to the different themes provided. The winners were felicitated with certificates and cash prizes on NETym ‘23 and also featured in the annual North East Cell magazine.
Fashion Show:
The fashion show segment celebrated the traditional attire and fashion trends of the North East. Models gracefully walked the ramp. The fashion show not only highlighted the unique fashion sense but also aimed to break stereotypes and promote cultural diversity.
The annual cultural fest “NETYM” organised by the North East Cell of Hindu College, Delhi University, successfully celebrated the rich cultural heritage of the North East region. The event brought together students, faculty, and guests from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for the vibrant North Eastern culture. The event's success can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of the organising committee, volunteers, and participants. Their relentless efforts ensured a memorable and engaging experience for all the attendees. The fest served as a reminder of the importance of cultural exchange and mutual understanding, leaving a lasting impact on the student community.
We extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of NETym, making it a resounding celebration of the North East's cultural diversity. We look forward to future editions, hoping to continue promoting unity, inclusivity, and appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Festival of the Society: NETym’23

North East Cell, Hindu College celebrates its annual festival ‘NETym’, a multi-dimensional event to encompass the varied art and culture and history of India’s north-east, the region’s handicrafts, food, clothing, literature etc. Our aim in this fest is to showcase the rich diversity and cultural heritage of the Northeastern region. Active participation from the students in organising and volunteering plays a major role in an attempt to strengthen the  regional bonds of the country and promote a vibrant atmosphere of gaining knowledge and showcasing their skills and talents.

This year too, NETym’23 was organised with a lot of enthusiasm and was a grand success. The fest featured dance performances from the eight North East sister states as well as Ladakh and Darjeeling Hills, ensuring representation of culture at its best. Along with that students from the college jammed along to song performances and a fashion ramp walk that showcases our diverse yet beautiful traditional clothing with a slight modern touch to it. The students of the college also got to indulge themselves in mouth-watering north eastern cuisine. We encourage and promote a complete representation of our North Eastern culture on our big festival day as we call upon small businesses to set up stalls supporting them in the process as they serve the crowd their delicious North Eastern dishes.

Magazine - The North-East Indian

Each year, the Cell releases its very own publication, 'The North-East Indian', sharing a glimpse of what's more to this biodiversity rich region of the country. This year, the Cell successfully published The North-East Indian for the session 2022-23, which would be Volume II for the Annual Magazine of the North East Cell, Hindu College.

The Magazine beautifully features various articles, poems, photographs pertaining to North East India
that have been penned down and captured by students from our own cell and others from across the country. This Magazine is the Cell’s effort at capturing feelings and ideas and putting them down on paper to preserve and appreciate our region for a lifetime.


The link for the flipbook version of the magazine has been attached here for convenience. The North-East Indian '23

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