Abhyas- The Internship cell

Abhyas- The Internship cell

Abhyasis a student society of members from various Departments. Since its inception in 2013,Abhyas has made significant strides in making the campus a meeting ground for potential employers and students. Its achievements include a dramatic increase in student awareness of fields of work they may be attracted to and suitable for, as well as a culture of utilizing time out of classes in the acquisition of real-world skills, exploration of various opportunities in advance of graduation, and building resumes of work experience.

The following companies have been coming to campus to offer internships:Outlook India, Happily Unmarried, Design Karkhana, Philip Morris International, Indiabulls, Teach For India,Make A Difference, Empower India ,Youth Alliance, Thilio, FudFill etc.

In addition to and supplementing Abhyas’ work, the visits of distinguished practitioners and professionals (often alumni) to Departments for lectures and other academic events serve as occasions for both stakeholders in the employment market to hear each other.

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