Abhyas- The Internship cell

Abhyas- The Internship cell

Abhyas: The Internship cell   

Abhyas, The Internship Cell of Hindu College was established in 2013 to build the much-needed link between the professional world and students. It brings together interns and recruiters from various spheres through the medium of internships, volunteership and apprenticeships. Abhyas also acts as a training and knowledge-building body for the students, and regularly organises seminars by industry experts, as well as informative post series on various topics, to make our students career-ready. Abhyas has offered over hundred internships in its regular functioning in the previous year, alongside 250+ opportunities with more than 50 companies participating in the prestigious Annual Hindu Youth Summit and Internship Fair of Abhyas in 2023.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Abdul Rahim Ansari  

Office Bearers

President: Manan Yadav

Vice President: Mridul Soni

Activities of Abhyas, 2022-23  

  • Opportunity Floating

The Internship Cell of our college plays a crucial role in facilitating and promoting internship opportunities for students throughout the year. It operates as a proactive and dedicated unit that actively seeks out partnerships and collaborations with various organisations, companies, and industries. Abhyas has been actively working to provide students with valuable internship opportunities by floating them through various platforms and maintaining proper company handling etiquette. Through the efforts of the Internship Cell, students are presented with a plethora of internship options that cater to different time durations, including summer internships, semester-long internships, and even part-time internships. This flexibility allows students to explore multiple opportunities and gain a well-rounded understanding of their chosen field. By floating opportunities throughout the year, the Internship Cell ensures that students have continuous access to valuable internships, which not only enhance their academic learning but also equip them with the practical skills and industry exposure needed to thrive in their future careers. In conclusion, the ongoing dedication to enhancing the program’s effectiveness ensures the society continues to provide valuable opportunities to our students.

Knowledge Vertical

  • Podcast Series

Abhyas, the Internship Cell of Hindu College collaborated with 180 Degrees Consulting, Hindu to launch a podcast series in order to help students answer their questions regarding career and the workings of the corporate world. The podcast series named ‘Beyond the Résumés’ was announced on 5th April 2023. Its first episode, titled ‘The Consulting Compass,’ was released on 1st May, 2023 on different social media platforms of both societies, namely Instagram, Youtube, Spotify and LinkedIn. The special guest in the first episode of the podcast series was Harshita Kukreja, the Management Consulting Delivery Associate at Accenture, who shared her experiences and provided valuable advice on everything from networking and mentorship to project management and problem-solving. Abhyas with the help of this podcast series aimed towards helping students learn the importance of internships, especially in their first year, developing leadership skills, proper goal orientation, consultancy, etc.

  • Informative Post Series

Abhyas: The Internship Cell of Hindu College posted a series of informative posts on topics such as ‘Building the Perfect Linkedin’, ‘Evolution of Internships’ and a series on ‘Job Profile Briefs’. These posts served both as a promotional post for their annual flagship event ‘Hindu Youth Summit’ and an educational initiative to better inform their audience on internships and the technicalities related to it. The Job Profile Briefs series covered the three most sought after profiles namely Marketing, Finance and Consulting, and highlighted topics such as core skills required, top careers available, how to approach these profiles and more.

  • Skill Building Sessions

Considering the importance of soft skills and hard skills for career advancement in the rapidly changing world, Abhyas conducted regular skill building sessions for first year students. The sessions covered vital topics like CV building, corporate communication, job profile briefings and interview skills. Training of hard skills like Excel and canva with the help of effective guidance seniors equipped with those skills was also undertaken. Regular meetings and feedback ensured an effective learning process. This enabled students to hone their existing skills and learn new ones. It also improved their proficiency in corporate communication and provided them with the much needed corporate exposure. Abhyas aided value addition in its members by stimulating them to practise the essential skills by the means of Graphic poster designing competition and corporate communication demonstrations. This inculcated a competitive spirit while at the same time advanced their skills.

  • Knowledge Document

In order to answer innumerable questions of students, a knowledge document is maintained and updated regularly. Students who reach out through LinkedIn are given access to the document, which covers topics life differences in MBA Abroad and MBA in India, various MBA colleges and the interview essentials. Job profile descriptions and details of courses was one of the topics covered in the document.

Link of Doc 1:

Link of Doc 2:



Hindu Youth Summit


After four long years, the Hindu Youth Summit – Abhyas’s much-awaited Annual Flagship Event – was conducted offline this time, with a multitude of events and opportunities for students to explore and choose from. The HYS was a grand three-day Summit: an amalgamation of three events, namely the Science Fair, the Marathon, and the Internship Fair. Hindu College is well-known for its commitment towards empowering its students with opportunities to explore and expose themselves to the world of science. Keeping this in mind,

Abhyas’s Hindu Youth Summit was kicked off with the Science Fair on the first day, on the 23rd of March 2023. Professors of Hindu College provided various internships and research opportunities for students pursuing any of the eight degrees in science offered at Hindu. Taking note of the lacunae in prospects for internships in science, Abhyas tapped into this offbeat sphere of work which otherwise remains relatively unexplored in college circuits. Through the Science Fair, Abhyas aimed to give science students the right exposure to their field of specialization. An engaging, immersive science-oriented Treasure Hunt which took place in the campus of Hindu College was also part and parcel of this Science Fair. For the Marathon on the 24th of March, runners including students, professionals, volunteers and conditioned athletes were invited for the 7.3 kms long journey across the Delhi University  campus. The theme for the Marathon was 'ParyavaRun,' as the participants ran for the environment. All the proceeds raised from the Marathon were donated to an organization working for environmental causes.

The magnum opus of the Hindu Youth Summit was the Internship Fair, conducted on the 25th of March, which not only served to bridge the gap between prospective recruiters and competent students from all across India but also helped students and companies alike in meeting their internship requirements, with more than 250 opportunities in diversified fields and profiles. With 50+ companies participating in the event, including some of the biggest names in the industry, the Internship Fair was indubitably a grand hit with thousands of interested applicants taking part in the Fair. The smooth and seamless process also received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both firms and students. Prior to this three-day event, the Abhyas Team – and particularly its Media, Public Relations, and Outreach verticals – were engaged in extensive marketing, both online and offline, to ensure that the event sees maximum participation from students across all departments and colleges. To augment the success of the event and garner optimal participation, Abhyas adopted various marketing and outreach strategies for the same. The A-Team leveraged a plethora of social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Instagram, to create buzz around the event and attract potential participants through a series of posts and reels coalescing entertaining and informative content all in one. The team was also involved in offline marketing and reached out to other colleges in Delhi by means of promoting the event through posters, banners, and flyers to create visibility and promote the event on campus. In conclusion, Abhyas, the Internship Cell's annual flagship event, was a grand success, providing students with opportunities for professional growth and personal development. The Event’s diverse activities, ranging from science-oriented opportunities to a marathon for a social cause and an internship fair, ensured that students with different interests were catered to. The marketing and outreach strategies adopted by the Internship Cell ensured that the event received the necessary visibility and participation. The Hindu Youth Summit serves as a testament to the Internship Cell's commitment to providing students with the necessary exposure to various fields and opportunities to kick-start their careers. With a total footfall amounting to over 3000 students, Abhyas is proud of our achievements and Summit this year, and we sincerely look forward to continuing our ceaseless efforts towards supporting our students in their career aspirations in the years to come.


Unblend, the Newsletter of Abhyas, was conceptualized to serve as every student’s go-to college companion and provide them relevant information to enhance their knowledge: for college life and beyond. In that sense, it is more than just a newsletter – it is an insight into ideas that do not blend. It is Unblend. With great gusto, Abhyas released its first issue of Unblend 2022 in September 2022 – probing into pertinent topics, designed with students' needs in mind, as always. From building the perfect resume and learning about online courses and internships to demystifying NFTs and exploring new places in Delhi, this edition of Unblend covered it all. It was a kaleidoscope of information, entertainment, and knowledge all in one. Yet another issue of Unblend 2.0 was released in November 2022, which focused on balancing work with social life and also discussed how to tackle tedious rounds of interviews during the recruitment season. Apart from this, the Newsletter included instant 5-minute recipes and various podcast recommendations to cater to the students' individual tastes and preferences!

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