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National Cadet Corps (NCC)

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

NCC, which stands for National Cadet Corps, was formed in India in 1948 as a voluntary organisation which recruits cadets from high schools, colleges and universities all over India. The cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades. In living up to its motto, ‘Unity and Discipline’, NCC strives to be and is one of the most significant cohesive forces of the nation, bringing together the youth hailing from different parts of the country and moulding them into responsible and courageous citizens of the nation. Hindu College, University of Delhi, Delhi, has steered the Naval Wing of NCC since 2004, under 1 Delhi Naval Unit. It aims to develop character, discipline, and the ideals of selfless service amongst the country’s youth and contribute to creating organised, trained and motivated defence forces. NCC Hindu College has grown stronger, owing its excellence to the grit and resilience of the ever-so-committed cadets.


Activities, 2022-23

Starting with the inductees in November 2022, many young cadets set on a journey of honing their skills and abilities under the guidance and leadership of their charismatic seniors. The diligent cadets of NCC Hindu College have showcased their myriad talents in the many activities and competitions organised in the academic session 2022-23.  All the budding cadets participated in the Combined Annual Training Camp in July 2022 and won several accolades in Tug of War, Group Dance, and Best Cadet competition, among others. Cadets have enthusiastically participated in various national integration camps and training camps such as Yoga Camp, Trekking Camp, Swimming Cadre, All India Nau Sainik Camp, Annual Training Camp, Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Camp, Republic Day Camp, Prime Minister's Rally, etc. In the academic session 2022-23, senior cadets were awarded ranks to recognise their uninhibited commitment and dedication to NCC Hindu College - Senior Cadet Captain- Rishabh Kapoor, Cadet Captain Annie Yadav and Himanshu, Cadet Captain Admin Aum Tandan and Chahak Saini and Petty Officer Ayush Singh Rawat and Vivekananda. NCC Hindu College has made exemplary contributions to various activities such as Puneet Sagar Abhivan, an initiative started by NCC to clean our rivers and water bodies, blood donation camps, Yamuna Cleanliness Drive, etc. The cadets observed International Yoga Day to spread awareness about the benefits of adopting Yoga in our daily lifestyle. Emboldened by love and patriotism for their country, cadets led the Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign initiated as a part of the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsava to commemorate India's 75th Independence Day. In collaboration with other college societies, NCC organised an enriching panel discussion on 23 August 2022 on the book, ‘Understanding Veer Savarkar’ by Dr Uday Mahurkar, Information Commissioner, Central Information Commission, Government of India. On National Voters’ Day, a poster-making Competition was organised on 25 January 2023 to test the creative flair of the cadets who enthusiastically showcased their artistic abilities. NCC Hindu College was invited to the event of Prakaram Diwas, where we saw the performance of different regiments of the Army and the Air Force. In January 2023, an enriching field visit to a school in Jindpur, Uttar Pradesh, was organised to learn how the administration of a school in rural areas differs from that in urban areas. In 2010, Dr Harinder Kumar, Department of Hindi, Hindu College, was chosen for the Best ANO Award by DG, NCC. NCC Hindu College successfully organised its annual festival, ‘Arihant’, on 17 March 2023. The Chief Guest, Major General Sanjay Pratapsingh Vishwasrao, SM**, inaugurated the event and graced the occasion with his benign presence. Several competitions like Squad Drill, Quiz, Tug of War, Group Dance and Best Cadet Competition were organised intra-college to test cadets’ mettle, meritocracy and competence. Cadets from many leading institutions of the University of Delhi participated in the event, graced by notable dignitaries. Overall, the event was a grand success and a valuable learning experience for all the cadets.




Faculty Advisor: Dr Harinder Kumar


Senior Cadet Captain: Rishabh Kapoor (President)

Cadet Captain: Annie Yadav

Cadet Captain: Himanshu Pandey

Cadet Captain: Chahak Saini

Cadet Captain: Aum Tandon

Petty Officer Cadet: Ayush Singh Rawat

Petty Officer Cadet: Vivekanand

Leading Cadet: Ananya E


Hindu College runs the Naval Wing of NCC since 2004. It aims to develop character, discipline, and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of country and to contribute to creation of organized, trained and motivated youth. It also aims to provide leaderships to students in all walks of life and be always available for the service of the nation. The national cadet corps navy wing Hindu College 1DNU, has given exemplary performance in various activities & actively participated in various national integration camps and training camps such as Yoga Camp, Swimming Cadre, NauSainik camp, Annual Training Camp, Republic Day Camp, Prime Minister's Rally. Prof. Harinder Kumar was chosen for the Best ANO Award by DG, NCC in 2010.The College started "Arihant", the annual festival of the NCC wing in 2013.


S.No. Name Designation Year of Joining
1 Rahul Kaushik Flying Officer, IAF 2022
2 Narayan Vinod Flying Officer, IAF 2022
3 Ayush Saini Flying Officer, IAF 2023
4 Sheetal Prasad Assistant Professor, Swami Shraddhanand College, DU 2018
5 Ujjwal Lieutenant, Defence Services 2022
6 Rahul Yadav Officer in Audit Department 2018
7 Priya Translator 2023
8 Praveen Kar Roshan Major, Indian Army 2017
9 Manisha MBA, IIM Caclutta 2022
10 Karan Singh DSSSB TGT Sanskrit 2023
11 Deshraj Yadav Surveyor, Department of Science and Technology, GOI 2018
12 Sumit Khokhar Inspector, CBEC 2017
13 Vishal Anand Temporary Auditor, Defence Accounts Department 2023
14 Mohit Arya Assistant Professor, Shri Chitragupta Degree College, Agra 2019
15 Prashant Ahlawat Surveyor, Department of Science and Technology, GOI 2018
16 Natasha Panchal Lieutenant, Defence Services 2023
17 Abhishek Kumar Custom Inspector 2022
18 Mithun TGT Sanskrit, KVS 2022
19 Priya PDA, Northern Railway, New Delhi 2022


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