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Dr. Niti Bhutani

Dr. Niti Bhutani, Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

B.A., M.A., M.S., Ph.D.

NitiBhutani started teaching in the Department of Economics at Hindu College  in 1998. She has also taught students of Management in the Faculty of Management Studies, and students in the Journalism and Economics departments of Lady Shri Ram College.  The papers  she has taught include Game Theory, Managerial Economics, Mathematical Methods in Economics, and Econometrics.

Prof. Bhutani was conferred her Doctorate of Philosophy by the University of Maryland, College Park, U.S.A. in 2010, for her thesis titled “Institutional Structure in Corporate Agriculture”. She has been the recipient of the Ann Wylie Dissertation Fellowship, 2008, awarded by the University of Maryland. She was also awarded a fellowship by Ronald Coase Institute, U.S.A, in 2008.


Prof. Bhutani’sresearchspecifically contributes to issues relating toagricultural contracting, antitrust legislation, education, and private sector development. Her  work has been published in leading newspapers, journals, and as policy documents. She is currently a member of the American Economic Association.

Area of Interest.

    ·         Law and Economics

    ·         Contract Theory

    ·         Development Economics

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Departments Economics
Designation Assistant Professor

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