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Dr. Sumit Nandan

Mr. Sumit Nandan has started his teaching career in 2006 and has become a permanent faculty in Hindu College in 2008. He has interest in almost all the areas of philosophy and has taught various papers of undergraduate and post-graduate courses, namely, Logic, History of Western Philosophy, Ethics, Aesthetics, Social & Political Philosophy, Indian Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion.

He has completed his M.Phil Dissertation on the topic: ‘Art and Morality’ and is currently writing his Ph.D thesis on the topic: ‘Aesthetic and Moral Evaluation: A Study of Some Aspects of Visual Art’. The thesis is concerned with the analysis and examination of fundamental questions and issues of Ethics and Philosophy of Art, such as ‘what is it to evaluate a work of art’, ‘what relation holds between aesthetic and moral values’ and ‘the idea of art’.  

Mr. Nandan is an avid painter with keen interest in theatre and films. He has received many awards and accolades for academic and artistic accomplishments at national and international levels.

Teaching, according to him, is not confined to the imparting of information but is essentially about sharing of insights. The objective of teaching should be to instill critical perspective as well as a sense of self-reliance and originality in the minds of the students. Teaching-learning is an ongoing process which goes beyond the confines of the class-room discourse, teacher and student should consider themselves as one unit and should strive together to achieve highest standards in academic and personal life by bridging the gap between theoretical exchanges and practical expressions of the same. 

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