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Dr. Rajesh Kumar

we try to isolate the novel microbes from the soil of different locations and conditions, that may contain the potential bio-control microbe against the  fungus Aspergillus flavus. For this we use the dual culture  methode and calculate the percentage inhibition.

Biocontrol of Aspergillus flavus

The Aspergillus flavus is a cosmopolitan fungus and  it produces a group of toxins called the aflatoxins. We try to control this fungus using the bio-control agents.

Enzymatic studies in the Aspergillus flavus

Comparative enzymatic analysis of Peroxidase, Acid phosphatase and Alkaline phosphatase in Aspergillus flavus.

Area of Interest.

    ·         Soil Micrbiology

    ·         Bio-control of Aspergillus flavus

    ·         Enzymatic studies in the Aspergillus flavus

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Departments Botany
Designation Assistant Professor

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