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Dr. Jagmohan

Shastri(B.A.), M.A., UGC-NET(JRF), Ph.D

Dr. Jagmohan started teaching at department of Sanskrit, Hindu College, University of Delhi in 2010. He did his masters from University of Delhi, New Delhi and was conferred his Doctorate of Philosophy by the same university in 2013 for his thesis titled “संस्कृत व्याकरणशास्त्र की परम्परा में सरस्वतीकण्ठाभरण का अवदान”. he has presented research papers in National Seminars.

He has taught various subjects at UG level like Grammar, Poetics, Epigraphy, Vedic Sukta etc..

Area of Interest.
    Sanskrit Grammar
    Vedic Study
    Indian Philosophy

Personal Information

Departments Sanskrit
Designation Assistant Professor

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