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Dr.Neha Kapoor

Dr. Neha Kapoor
Assistant Professor
M.Sc, Ph.D.,PDF
Dr. Neha Kapoor started teaching at Department of Chemistry, Hindu Colllege, Delhi University, Delhi in 2010. She was conferred her Doctorate of Philosophy by the Allahabad University, Allahabad in 2006, for her thesis titled “Synthetic Studies on Biomolecules of Therapeutic Importance”.
She has taught diverse subjects to B.Sc, students, including Organic Chemistry, Bio Chemistry, Molecular Biology Bioinformatics, Environmental Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. She has also published various papers on different areas of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Medicinal chemistry. While at Hindu College, was a Coordinator of Equal opportunity cell. She also remained a member of the many college committees.


Best Employee with Disability (Female) National Award 2014 from Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment ,Department of Disability Affairs.


Research& Teaching

2006-2010 Research Associate, National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi.

under supervision of Prof.A.Surolia, Director, National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi.

21st july 2010- (Till now) Asst Prof, Chemistry Department, Hindu College, Delhi.


1.      Benzothiophene carboxamide compounds, composition and applications thereof.

United States United States US 2012/0016014 A1/13/183,024
A.Surolia, NehaKapoor, T.Banerjee, N.Surolia.
Indian patentApplication No.1646/DEL/2010 A, Publication Date : 18/10/2013



1.      Kuchh Navinikreet Chakriya yaugikon Ki Sanrachnatmak, Sanshleshnatmak, Pratioxikarak prakriya Evam Fafundinashak Guno Ka Adhayan.  Neha Kapoor, Krishna Misra. Bhartiya vaigyanik evam audthyogik anushandhan patrika. 12, 84-85, 2004.


2.      Differential apoptotic and redox regulatory activities of Curcumin and its derivatives. Satyendra Mishra, Neha Kapoor, A. Mubarak Ali, B.V.V. Pardharasaradhi, A.Leela Kumari, Ashok Khar, Krishna Misra. Free Radical Biology & Medicine. 38, 1353-1360, 2005.


3.      Site-specific delivery by non-viral mode. S.K.Dubay, A.Pandey, R.Mishra, Neha Kapoor, K.Misra. Indian.J.Biotechnology. 6, 159-174, 2007.


4.      Telomerase targeted anticancer bioactive prodrug by antisense-based approaches.Neha Kapoor, Anuj Sharma, Anoop Kumar, Uttam Pati and Krishna Misra. Cancer Lett. 248, 245-250, 2007.


5.      Antimicrobial Properties of some novel bioconjugates of curcumin having ester, peptide, thiol and disulfide links. Neha Kapoor, Upma Narain and Krishna Misra. Journal of Scientific & Iindustrials Rsearch. 66, 647-650, 2007.


6.   Design, Development, Docking Studies and Synthesis
of 2'-Substituted Triclosan Analogs as Inhibitors for Plasmodium falciparum Enoyl-ACP Reductase. Neha Kapoor, T.Banerjee, P.Babu and A.Surolia  IUBMB life. 61(11), 1083-91, 2009.


                     7.   SAR and Pharmacophore models for the Rhodanine Inhibitors of            Plasmodium falciparum Enoyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Reductase. Kumar G, T.Banerjee, Neha Kapoor, N. Surolia and A. Surolia IUBMB life. 62(3):204-213, 2010.


                        8.   Curcumin Recognizes a Unique Binding Site of Tubulin.Chakraborti S, Das L, Kapoor Neha, Das A, Dwivedi V, Poddar A, Chakraborti G, Janik M, Basu G, Panda D, Chakrabarti P, Surolia A, Bhattacharyya B. J Med Chem. Sep 22;54(18):6183-96,2011.


                        9.   Structural basis for the functional and inhibitory mechanisms of β-hydroxyacyl-acyl carrier protein dehydratase (FabZ) of Plasmodium falciparum. Maity K, Venkata BS, Kapoor Neha, Surolia N, Surolia A, Suguna K. J Struct Biol. Nov;176(2):238-49, 2011.


                        10. Benzothiophene Carboxamide Derivatives as Novel Antimalarials. Banerjee T, Kapoor Neha, Surolia N, Surolia A, IUBMB life.  Dec;63(12):1111-5. 2011.


                        11. Benzothiophene Carboxamide Derivatives as Inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum Enoyl-ACP reductase. Banerjee T Sharma  S, Kapoor Neha, Dwivedi V, Surolia N, Surolia A, IUBMB life. Dec; 63(12):1101-10. 2011.


12. Evaluation of benzothiophene carboxamides as analgesics and anti inflammatory agents. Pathak C, Ranjan Singh R, Yadav S, Kapoor N, Raina V, Gupta S, Surolia A.IUBMB Life. Mar 26, 2014.


SEMINNAR/SYMPOSIUM attend/paper /poster read        


1.      Liposome encapsulated Curcumin conjugate and gadolinium complex based    nanotheranostic agent for cancer “Neha Kapoor, (Oral Presentation) Indian International Science Festival 4-8 Dec 2015, IIT, Delhi.


2.      Pharmacognostical studies on Selaginella sp. and prediction of new Protein drug target using Bioinformatics as a tool. Neha Kapoor,(Poster Presentation) Indo-US conference on Molecular Modelling and Informatics in Drug Design 3-7 Nov 2014, NIPER, Mohali.


3.      21-23 Jan 2013, Lecture workshop/Conference on Emerging Trends in Development of Drugs and Devices.University of Delhi, Delhi.


4.      14-16 Nov 2007, International Symposium on Cancer Biology, NII, Delhi.


5.      Design, development and synthesis of a novel curcumin-DNA conjugate, a prodrug inhibiting telomerase activity through human telomerase reverse transcriptase in KB and HeLa cancer cell lines Neha Kapoor, Anuj Sharma, Anoop Kumar, Uttam Pati and Krishna  Misra. 7-10 Aug 2006, IBC’s Drug Discovery Technology, Boston, MA


6.      Telomerase targeted anti cancer prodrug.

      Neha Kapoor, Upma Narain and Krishna Misra; 24-26 Nov 2005, 2nd BRSI, Chennai

  1. Indo-Russian Seminar on Recent Trends in Applied Bioinformatics and Medi-informatics;An International Seminar,6-7th, 2005, I-RCB, IIIT-A, Allahabad


8.      Design, synthesis and characterization of bioconjugates of curcumin with glycine, gallic acid, cystine, cysteine & L-alanine their anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Neha Kapoor, Upma Narain and Krishna Misra; 23-27 July 2005, 46th Annual meeting,Corvallis, Oregon


  1. Design, synthesis and characterization of a novel cyclic Curcumin-cystine bioconjugate and its antimicrobial, antioxidant properties. (Oral Presentation)

      Neha Kapoor and Krishna Misra;

      3-7 Jan 2005, 92nd ISC, Ahmedabad


10.  Synthesis of some modified nucleosides having antioxidant properties.

Neha Kapoor and Krishna Misra;

2-4Dec 2004, 74th NASI, Jaipur


11.  Study of synthetic, structural, antioxidant and antifungal properties of some newly modified cyclic Compound.

Neha Kapoor and Krishna Misra;

19-21Feb 2004 3rd ABVS, New Delhi

  1. Apoptosis and antioxidant activity of curcumin derivatives: Role of phenolic hydroxyls and active methylene hydrogen.

Satyendra Misra, Neha Kapoor, Roli Misra and Krishna Misra;


13.  Apoptosis and antioxidant activity of curcumin derivatives: Role of phenolic hydroxyls and active methylene Hydrogen.

Satyendra Misra, Neha Kapoor, Roli Misra and Krishna Misra;

           6-8Feb.2004 6th CRSI national symposium, Kanpur.


  1. Effect of some azo and anthraquinone dyes on Melanin synthesis   in bio chemistry section. Neha Kapoor, Roli Misra and Krishna Misra;

3-7 Jan 2004 Indian science congress, Chandigarh


  1. Azo Dyes: The clinical presentation and some experimental aspects.

      A. K. Bajaj, S.K. Dubey, Neha Kapoor and Krishna Misra;

2003 6th symposium contact dermatitis.


Orientation/Referesher Coureses


1.      UGC-Sponsored Orientation Programme  OR-68

Nov14, 2011-Dec 12, 2011, UGC-ASC, Delhi

2.      UGC-Sponsored Refresher course in the subject Food Technology

Mar 29, 2015-Apr 18, 2015, UGC-ASC, Allahabad


  1. Innovation Project (2013-2015): HC-202, Amount-6Lcks

“Pharmacognostical Studies on Salaginella sp. and Evaluation of its Antimicrobial Properties”

Neha kapoor, R. Kumar, C.Kumar

  1. Innovation Project (2015-2016): HC-302, Amount-6Lcks

“Development of Theranostics (therapeutic plus diagnostic) based product with Curcumin-Oligonucleotid-Rare earth metal based Nanoparticle probes as MRI Contrast agent”

Neha kapoor, M.Shrivastava, S.M.Ghorai


Area of Interest.

    Organic Chemistry


    Medicinal Chemistry

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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Departments Chemistry
Designation Assistant Professor

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