Mr. Sant Sanganeria

Mr. Sant Sanganeria

  • AUDITORIUM : After several decades since its inception in 1953, it is only now due to the benevolent gesture of Shri Sant Sanganeria ji, that the College has been able to undertake the renovation project of its auditorium. The auditorium has now been transformed into a state-of-the-art facility, ready to once again serve as the stage for the students to showcase their talent. This hall is now fully air-conditioned, with acoustic interiors, comfortable seating, and has excellent green rooms and a grand stage, comparable to any modern movie theatre.

  • SCIENCE BLOCK - Keeping the growing academic requirements of the college in mind, Shri Sant Sanganeria ji has generously contributed towards the establishment of a four storeyed Sanganeria Science Block. This block is comprising of four wings, each wing having a lecture theatre and a modern, well-equipped state-of-the-art laboratory. Each wing in this building has been named after an eminent Indian scientific luminary- Chemistry Wing is named after Prafulla Chandra Ray, the Father of Chemical Sciences in India ; Physics Wing is named after C V Raman, the first Indian Nobel Laureate in Physics,; Botany Wing is named after Janaki Ammal, the first Indian women to receive doctorate in botany and Zoology Wing is named after Har Gobind Khorana, the Nobel Laurate in Physiology. The modern facilities, provided not only motivate the students but also the faculty members to do some meaningful scientific work which will be beneficial to the society.

To explore the fascinating world of perfumery, an Introductory course on "Art of Sustainable Perfumery" was launched by Ultra International Limited in collaboration with International Fragrance Association (IFRA), International Society of Perfumer-Creators (ISPC). Hindu College is associated with this capsule course as 'Academic Partner', and FICCI as 'Industry Partner'

On registration, each participant will be provided with elaborate study material, an exclusive perfumery book and a special fragrance creation kit.

The Course covers important modules such as Fragrance Foundations, Perfume Structures and Compliances, Fragrance Brief Process, Fragrance Brand stories, Practical Applications of Sustainability Principles, etc. At the completion of the course, the participants have to successfully clear the Assessment Test to be awarded with a certificate. The Course aims to instill an understanding for creating sustainable perfumery in the participants and also opens up new venture for the career opportunities.

Ultra International Limited is supporting the College in all its research endeavours
Sarthak Samman, a special award was instituted as a token of appreciation for the benevolent gesture and extraordinary support extended by the philanthropists, who have helped us in realization of our dream infrastructural projects. Shri Sant Sanganeria Ji is the first receipent of this award, which was instituted in 2019.

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