National Service Scheme (NSS), Hindu College, University of Delhi, Delhi, works under the aegis of the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India. Beautifully encapsulated in its motto, ‘Not Me But You’, NSS stands as a testament to the will and strength of our nation’s youth in contributing to nation-building and community life by doing their bit to create a society marked by equal opportunities and the absence of deprivation in all forms. NSS Hindu College takes pride in its vast pool of immensely zealous volunteers who show a profound amount of initiative and eagerness in undertaking all kinds of social services, as well as identify and resonate with the cause and aim of NSS. Thus in such a manner, NSS tries to bridge the gap between grassroots needs and governmental efforts. We engage and participate in many activities, including our flagship events – Suruchi and Samvaad.


NSS Wings

  • The Education Wing works towards the holistic growth of students from the socially and economically backward section of society. It also provides the specially-abled students requiring external aid in their educational or non-educational sphere. The Education Wing has come to incorporate the Scribe Wing, which was created to cater to the needs of persons with disabilities.
  • The Health Wing promotes the cause of the well-being of all in society through disseminating information, maintaining cleanliness and organising donation drives, among other things. After merging with the Environment Wing of Hindu College, it ensures healthy environs for all plants, humans and animals. This Wing believes in cooperation and shared commitment towards creating a thriving society and environment.
  • The Media Wing serves as the voice and backbone of society. Always on their heels to design informative posters, and infographics, writing exceptional and eye-catching captions, they never fail to showcase their fantastic design acumen and aesthetic sense. They manage all the social media handles of NSS Hindu College. When the entire world lay immobile due to the pandemic, all the activities of NSS paralysed, Media Wing came to its rescue. It toiled daily to come out with exceptional posts after hours of taxing brainstorming and ideation.
  • The Social Entrepreneurship Wing works to uplift society by teaching our beneficiaries various methods and techniques which could provide them with a sustainable source of income through their skills. The basic idea is to utilise renewable resources to make new products from them or modify the existing product for better use. Such an effort helps create a more self-sufficient, self-reliant and independent population that can live life with dignity and access appropriate livelihood means.
  • With its inception being only a recent phenomenon, the Social Development and Outreach Wing works in close collaboration with all other wings of Hindu College to identify and develop a particular area that will be adopted by NSS Hindu and where our efforts would be concentrated. Focusing on a specific area where NSS Hindu would conduct most of its drives and initiatives would allow it to develop holistically and benefit from various efforts and initiatives.




Program Officer: Prof. Achla Pritam Tandon

Faculty Advisor: Dr Sunil Joshi and Ms Sonia Kumari


President: Ankit and Ashwini Modi

Vice President: Shivam Saini

Editor in Chief: Vivan Mukherjee

General Secretary: Kamya Verma

Treasure: Rahul Singh Panwar

PR Head: Jigeesha Bhargavi

Marketing Head: Mian Muhammad Raza


Magazine: Arpan

NSS Hindu College (@HinduNss):

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Project Akshar and Gandhi Ashram of the Education Wing of NSS

Various Collection and Donation Drives

Inauguration of Magazine by Dr. Kiran Bedi

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