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Aarambh - The Western Dance Society

Aarambh was formed in 2013. The society strives to promote western dance in all its myriad forms. We here at Aarambh not only dance but perform our hearts out. We give the students a manifesting platform and also to compete in various competitions of several colleges. The society endeavours to give chance not only to trained professionals but also to those who possess the potential and try to nurture their talents.

The underlying motive of Aarambh is 'Dance is an art, paint your dream and follow it'. Since it's inception in the year 2013 the society has witnessed immense growth. It has  been an active participant in western dance competition in  college festival Mecca and Quarks –the annual fest of the Department of Physics(Hindu College). It has also joined at Amity Youth fest, Pearl Academy fest and Women’s Empowerment programmes. We envision taking the society to new heights by experimenting with different dance forms, reinventing ourselves and growing together as a team. Aarambh along with Srijya & Adhirta have been organizing the festival Aramya every year.


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