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Friends Corner

FRIENDS CORNER (Counselling Cell) recognizes all students as a valuable “Human Resource”. It organizes counselling sessions and interactive workshops that provide the students a platform to voice their opinions and discuss topics which interest or concern them. The idea is to spread awareness on key issues, infuse a sense of responsibility and empower the students, so that they become confident, independent and responsible individuals. Major emphasis is given on human values, positive thinking, physical, mental & emotional health,stressmanagement,self-awareness,personality development, inter-personal relations,soft skills, personal and social responsibility, and many others. Thus, FRIENDS CORNER aims to promote a general feeling of “well-being” amongst the students. The endeavor is to motivate students and inculcate high levels of self-esteem among them, besides encouraging, motivating and preparing them to help themselves become efficient, effective and responsible individuals, to be able to lead a happy and contented life. Core message to students: “THINK POSITIVE----- FEEL GOOD----BE HAPPY”

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