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Ibtida - The Dramatics Society

Ibtida is the acclaimed dramatics society of Hindu College. It has consistently raised the standards and expectations of doing theatre and is thus perceived as one of the most sought after groups in the Delhi University theatre circuit. The society nurtures various forms of theatre ranging from the regular and classical stage performances to the more spontaneous and thoughtfully improvised street plays. Over the years, Ibtida has gradually incorporated electronic multimedia into the performances and at the same time it also stands as one of the only college in Delhi university that still retains the old world art of mime theatre. Ibtida was established in 1991 by the joint efforts of faculty members, Dr. Harish Naval (Department of Hindi) and Ms. Suchitra Gupta (Department of History) as well as theatre enthusiastMr. ImtiazAli, who went on to become the famous and much loved Bollywood director. Ibtida equally owes its legacy to the unrelenting hard work and dedication of its members. At the beginning of the annual calendar, subsequent to new admissions, Ibtida holds auditions for students who wish to be part of the society.Ibtida on an average has more than a dozen stagings of street theatre every year on various social concerns ranging from gender discrimination to corruption. The theatre group also participates in motivating target groups with regard to specific social initiatives.. Medina the annual festival of the society is organized on social issues. 

In August 2015, they were invited by the Rajasthan Government to create awareness about youth training and skill building Programmes of the state across several villages.The places included Alwar, Neemrana, Bhiwadi, Bansoor, Thanagazi and various other villages near Alwar

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