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Panchtatva - The Environmental Society


Panchtatva, the environment society is driven by the motto that, “Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last river was poisoned and last fish been dead, will we realize that we cannot eat money. These are the word that every Panchtatvian lives by, that is why even a pandemic couldn't dampen our enthusiasm. We are constantly working and creating awareness towards environmental conservation. The Environment Society was established in 1999, and has provided record number of members as environmentalists, nature lovers and well-groomed citizens who live by the society's simple ideology that "change begins with us".

Every year, the society conducts an annual flagship event, THE HINDU EARTH SUMMIT in which we invite eminent environmentalists who emphasize on spreading awareness and educating students along with staff members about environment conservation. In HES’21, we were delighted to have Sumaira Abdulali, Environmentalist, Founder of NGO AWAAZ FOUNDATION and MITRA and Mother Teresa Award Winner along with Gurmehr Marwah, our notable alumna and UN Environment Programme Consultant as our guests. Earlier also we had Mr. Rajendra Singh, The Waterman of India, to address us and enlighten us about his contribution for the environment.

Panchtatva has initiated an effort of conducting plantation drives every year throughout the campus and ridge area .Along with that every year, a " Nukkad natak" is presented by the members of the society to bring awareness amongst the locals and community about innovative ways in which they can contribute to the betterment of the environment. Panchatatva has also been actively organizing and participating in various Seminars, Workshops, poster making competition, paper collection drives, plantation drives and many such innovative activities related to conservation and protection of environment. We are constantly spreading awareness through our social media handles by creating digital posters, reels and videos regarding environment days and concerns. After all the earth is the only thing we all have in common





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