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Symposium - Parliament of the Republic of Hindu College


The Symposium Society is the policy and deliberation forum of Hindu College, University of Delhi. Since its inception in 2012, the society has aimed at inculcating a constructive deliberative culture within the institute.


The Symposium Society, through a myriad of activities, provides a robust platform to Hindu College students for deliberation, public policy analysis, research, writing, design, and magazine production. Being one of its kind in the varsity space, the society nurtures inquisitive minds and trains them to become socially conscious thinkers by equipping them with important skills such as critical thinking, public speaking, leadership, and research.


Symposium spearheads the following verticals to further its stated aims.

PM Debate and Interviews

Our biggest in-house events, the PM Debate and Interviews, are a space for all the candidates contesting Hindu College Parliament elections to interact with the student body members of the college. It is an online and non-partisan discussion which provides insights into a candidate’s credibility and work ethic. We, at Symposium, believe in transparent and fair elections and play a neutral role as a bridge between the candidates and the student body of our college.


Policy Briefs

In our endeavour to democratise the world of public policy, we produce Policy Briefs authored by our own members. A policy brief presents a concise summary of information that helps readers understand government policies. Policy briefs may give objective summaries of relevant research, suggest possible policy options, or go even further and argue for particular courses of action. So far we have published policy briefs on the New Education Policy (2020), The Farm Laws (2020), and the Transgender Act (2019).



Group Discussions and Presentations

The society prides itself on the free flow of thought and diverse opinions on various spheres of socio-political importance.

Group Discussions and presentations are the essence of The Symposium Society. These sessions are bilingual and dissimilar to conventional debating. We organise regular group discussions  on a myriad of sociopolitical issues to catalyse the free flow of thought and diverse opinions on various spheres of society and politics. The members of the society are encouraged to take an active part in these.



Hindu College Gazette

This is the latest and most ambitious endeavour of the society. Hindu College Gazette is a bimonthly magazine published under the aegis The Symposium Society, Hindu College. The magazine publishes opinion editorials and essays on politics, culture, society, along with other intersectional themes. We help our members enhance their skills in research, critical thinking, graphic designing, and writing whilst connecting our readers with insightful and engaging content. Our objective is to catalyse intuitive and insightful discussion and engagement in society through an academic lens. Hindu College Gazette focuses on a variety of themes such as public policy, economy, society, culture, international relations and geopolitics, history, and sociology. The scope of articles ranges from the nuances of micro-human interactions to engagements within larger over-structures. Our vast coverage includes opinion editorials, photo essays, long forms, essays, and editorials.


To match the high standards that we set for our content, we publish a set of erudite in-house writers, a series of columns by gifted and much lauded alumni of the college, as well as guest contributors from universities across the country such as Jindal Global Law School, Lady Shri Ram College, NLSIU Bangalore, Christ University, and NUJS Kolkata.


We have recently recruited a set of contributing writers and editors from such international academic arenas as

 The University of Arts, London and Chicago University.



Colloquiums, Workshops & Seminars

Colloquium vertical constitutes a series of webinars organised by our society. It provides members a space to explore the world of communications and networking while bringing onboard speakers of repute for insightful conferences.


In the past we have hosted a number prominent speakers such as Ms. Gurmehr Marwah, Ms. Shazia A.F. Rehman, Ms. Urvashi Prasad, Ms. Soma Basu, Ms. Mitali Nikore, and Ms. Nabila Jamshed, who are specialists in the fields of public policy, research, education, civil society activism, international affairs, social leadership, and global governance.


On an average, more than 150 participants attend the Colloquium from different universities across India.

The society holds frequent sessions and workshops on issues of socio-political relevance and in line with this, the society collaborated in 2019 with Amnesty International to conduct a workshop on the topic "Troll Patrol India: Online Violence."

Hindu Mock Indian Parliament

The society conducts the Hindu Mock Indian Parliament every year which is the oldest Youth Parliament in the Delhi University circuit, providing young minds a platform for dynamic deliberations in a stimulating environment. Participation includes students from all over the country.

Hindu Darbar

Hindu Darbar is our bilingual discursive forum, open to all members of the student body at Hindu College. This platform allows the students of the college to engage in fruitful discussions and debates about pertinent issues concerning the students in college. It is an open event, the details and suggestions from which are conveyed to the College Administration. Some of the important issues discussed by the society in this event in the past are: 'What Hindu Wants’, ‘NOTA in College Elections’, and ‘Student Dissent’.



Members of Symposium get the opportunity to focus on overall personality development, with special emphasis on aspects such as:

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Public Policy Analysis
  3. Writing
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Management
  6. Designing
  7. Website Management
  8. Outreach and Partnerships






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