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Abstractions - The Fine Art Society

Abstraction, the Fine Art society of Hindu College has a history of over 25 years. Ever since its inception ,Abstraction has endeavored to support and stimulate various forms of art work like Painting, Sketching, Calligraphy, Graffiti, Clay modelling and Sculpturing. It has provided platform not only to the students of various colleges but also to the teachers to show case their talent and prove their creative activity. Prior to 2008 all the events organized by Abstraction were being held at different sites in the college, presently Bharat Ram Centre of Art, has become the hub of creative activities. With its quiet and green ambience this centre has been an instant hit among the art connoisseurs and much sought after rendezvous for art lovers. Abstraction has glorified the college by the outstanding art work of its artists at various inter college competitions. Its members have been actively associated with various committees engaged in cultural events. Be it the Meeca committee, the Founders Day Committee , the members have formed an indispensable part. Abstraction organizes cultural festival ‘Canvas’every year which is an eagerly awaited event in the college. It attracts talent from various other colleges and is a huge success.

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