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Aria - The Western Music Society

ARIA, the Western Music Society of Hindu College has been one of the most successful cultural societies of the University of Delhi over the last few years. Its setup consists of a Staff Supervisor and then among the student members it has President, Vice President, General Secretary and the Treasurer. ARIA's year begins in August with rigorous auditions, an yearly ritual through which the freshers get a chance to join the society. A five member team of seniors with varying musical specializations is set up to judge around 100 applicants that apply for the membership every year. After a three stage process that tests the applicant's tonality, rhythm, scale, vocal range and creative and compositional skills, around 10 talented musicians are chosen, thereby taking the total members of the society to 20-30including the senior members. After an initial welcome meeting for the freshers, practices start out in full flow. The society is divided into a) Acapella Vocal Group; and b) Instrumental Band The society holds practices 4 days a week for 3-4 hours each day. These are diligently attended by all members of the society. The first event on the calendar is usually the College Freshers where ARIA, puts up a splendid show for the new members of the Hindu College family. After this, the society participates in all the prestigious competitions all over the country and also participates in non-competitive gigs and concerts as well. One of the most successful endeavors of the society in past few years was the gig that we performed in 2013 Fomula 1 Grand Prix at the Buddh International Curcuit, a massive global event which was being held in India only for the second time. ARIAs band, 'Stoned Age' led by Vice-President, Nisa Shetty stood 1st in the zonal preliminary round and eventually went on to perform at the day of the Formula 1 race, winning the second prize on that day. It was a proud moment for the society as this win established a place for the society on the music scene of Delhi University. Ever since, the society has been practicing regularly and participating in almost all the festivals across Delhi University winning accolades and praise in the process.Annual Festival Arpeggioof the Society is organized every year, with participation from lots of colleges.

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