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Caucus - The Discussion Forum

Caucus-The Discussion Forum is the premier Group Discussion and Model United Nations Society of Hindu College, University of Delhi. It is a society which aims to sensitize the youth towards the pertinent issues surrounding them and creates a platform to make them conscious of their roles as informed and intelligent individuals in the global society. To achieve the same, Caucus undertakes group discussions and formal debate in the Model United Nations format. The society conducts group discussions every week, throughout the academic term, on issues ranging from general interest to current affairs. Since the founding of Caucus in 2007, the society has grown by leaps and bounds and its reach has extended beyond the walls of Hindu College. Through Vaktavya– the Annual Group Discussion Fest, and IHMUN(International Hindu College Model United Nations (IHCMUN) , Caucus aims to extend its grasp and reach out to a wider range of people, issues and levels of debate than ever before. It encourages students to:

  1. Think out of the box
  2. Nurture ideologies
  3. Welcome pragmatic changes
  4. Infuse in the students the qualities of a good diplomat: Confidence, Cognizance, Coherence, Cogency

In Model UN, students take on roles as foreign diplomats and participate in a stimulated session of an UN, bodies, intergovernmental organization and regional organizations. IHMUN is one of the biggest MUN conferences in the country. So far, IHMUN has seen six successful conferences, organized entirely by the members of the society and backed by sponsorship from major brands. The speciality of IHMUN is that it has consistently had one committee designed for school-going delegates only. IHMUN has seen participation from premier institutions in India, including various IITs, St. Stephen's College, St. Xavier's College, NLS (National Law School) Bangalore, and NLU (National Law University) Delhi. It has also seen international participation from Students .

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