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Dr. Adarsh Singh (Hons.) Physics, M.Sc. (Physics), Ph. D. (Electronic Science)

Dr. Adarsh Singh started teaching in 2002 in University of Delhi and joined Hindu College as a permanent faculty in Department of Physics in 2010. She was conferred Ph. D. in 2003, her research focusing on the analytical design and analysis of GaN MESFET for optical applications. She is currently working in physics educational research with emphasis on developing indigenous methods of perfoming and designing experimental set ups/devices with the aim to help the students to comprehend the fusion of varied concepts of physics and facilitates the students to prod physics within their domain of understanding.

Area of Interest.

    ·         Solid State Physics

    ·         Semiconductor Devices/Electronics

    ·         Physics Educational Research

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Departments Physics
Designation Assistant Professor

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