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Finance & Investment Cell

Finance & Investment Cell

The Finance and Investment Cell at Hindu College aims to make the students of the College more involved in financial affairs with the purpose of developing them into more responsible stakeholders in an increasingly globalized economy. It helps provide practical knowledge to enhance entrepreneurial skills. The Forum maintains its own website with in-house expertise to publish and share the articles, analysis and research of members with a larger audience. The annual festival Enigma of the society is a set of unique events, combining the elements from Economics, Finance, Politics, Psychology, Quizzing, Logic, Analysis &Social science, that takes all on a roller roaster ride through variety of challenging rounds that test the ability to think, balance and act.A seminar on “Smart Investing” in collaboration with BombayStock Exchange and a GK Quiz in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy and National level one line case study Decrypt were organized by the cell in 2015.

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