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Srijya - The Choreography Society

Srijya is the choreography society of Hindu college which has been functional since 2003. Unlike western dance societies, the choreography societies follow the contemporary form of dance. Every year the society comes up with a ten minutes production based on a theme. Last year the production was based on an episode of the epic, Mahabharata and the society broke all choreography records by winning 10/12 competitions. Srijya has been performing at the Freshers' Welcome, Graduation Night, Founder's Day and Mecca. The team has participated in a number of competitions till now, conducted by IIT’s and have been securing Ist & 2nd Positions. Srijya along with Aarambh & Adhirta have been organizing the festival Aramya every year.

The society aims to spread powerful messages through its productions and create an impact. We also aim to promote contemporary as a dance form so that more and more people get familiar with it. Ultimately through our vision we aim to maintain the bench mark we set last year and become one of the best choreography dance societies in the collegiate level

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