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Srijya: The Choreography Society

About us

Srijya is the choreography society of Hindu college which has been functional since 2003. A choreography society follows contemporary and jazz dance forms, unlike western and classical societies. Every year a ten-minute theme-based production is created by the society, where the themes range from social issues to mythological stories that intend to spread influential and powerful messages across audiences. We follow routine based schedules consistently to compete with other dance societies in the dance circuit, within as well as beyond Delhi University. Srijya has participated in many competitions across different colleges which include IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, BITS Pilani, BITS Goa, NIT Kurukshetra and many more. Participating in outstation programs help students ignite new ideas and experiences within themselves providing an opportunity to present their talent. Dancing is not limited to thematic performances in thematic competitions but also trying different dance forms in Freshers’ Welcome, Graduation Night, Founder’s Day, Mecca, the annual fest, and many other departmental functions. Srijya, along with Aarambh & Adhrita have been organising the Annual dance festival ‘Aramya’ every year. It aims at bringing multitude of dance forms and providing a stage for showcasing unique talent. Our daily practices are filled with both fun and productivity and even during the pandemic the society tried its best to continue with the practices in a disciplined manner. The society organised an online dance competition, ‘Releve’ (2021) and a covid relief fundraiser with the aim of providing a small helping hand to the many affected.


Aim and Vision:

We aim to promote contemporary as a dance form so that more and more people get familiar with it. Srijya has always been eager to perform on every possible platform to showcase our creativity and artistry.


List of Office Bearers:

President: Megha Das

Vice President: Akshat Rastogi

Vice President and Treasurer: Rishika Chowdhary

PR Head: Palak Jai

Joint Secretary: Laya Antony and Radhika


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nidhi Chawla


Activities At a Glance:


Past Activities

  • Vengeance (2015-16)- With a record breaking ten wins, the story presented the classic tale of Mahabharata. It depicted the epic from Draupadi's perspective.
  • Insaaf (2017-18)- One of our most critically acclaimed productions, it was a tale of justice for three victims. Three rape victims telling their stories.
  • Valiant (2018-19)-The story highlights a fictional world wherein female warriors have to face the brunt of patriarchy.
  • Trial of Wrath (2019-20)- This production captivated many hearts and bagged the first position in DU Beat's ranking for the top contemporary societies of DU. A story inspired from the Salem witch trials.
  • Facade of Emotions (2021-22)- The comeback production that displayed the toxic cycle of infatuation.
  • Aghor (2022-23)- Our latest production that showcased the journey of Aghors, warriors of the spiritual realm.


Activities of the Year:

Participation in following Competitions:

  • CFR Campus League Challenge (2nd Prize)
  • Oasis’22 - BITS Pilani
  • Odyssey’23 - IIIT Delhi (3rd Prize)
  • Two to Tango - Duet Competition in Odyssey’23 by Shourya and Jessica (Special Mention)
  • Rendezvous - IIT Delhi (3rd Prize)
  • Tarang - Lady Shri Ram College (1st Prize)
  • Reverie - Gargi College (1st Prize)
  • Choreonite’23 - Sri Venkateswara College (1st Prize)

Participation in College Events:

  • 124th Founder’s Day Celebration
  • Independence Day Performance in Talk by Dr. Uday Mahurkar
  • Performance in Asmita- Cultural Event of BA Programme
  • Performance in International Conference on Flavours and Fragrances
  • Performance in Teacher's Day Celebration
  • Performance in Zeitgeist’23 - Annual Fest of Commerce Department, Hindu College
  • Performance in D Ball League

Conduct of Following Events

  • Re-Auditions 2022 
  • Auditions 2023
  • MAD Weekend Flashmob in Collaboration with Terpsichorean, The Choreography Society of Hansraj College

Festival of the Society:

Srijya, in collaboration with Adhrita: The Classical Dance Society and Aarambh: The Western Dance Society, organised the 5th edition of their Annual Dance Fest, Aramya 2023: Mughal-e-Azam on 27th April, 2023 under Mecca’23. The fest witnessed participation from students all over Delhi in 5 events organised.

Under Aramya, Srijya hosted 2 events:

  • Releve: Thematic Group Dance Competition
  • It saw participation from 4 colleges namely, Lady Sri Ram College, Gargi College, Kamala Nehru College and Sri Venkateswara College.

Finesse: Western Duet Dance Competition

  • It saw participation of 20+ students from different colleges.



The Elevation of Spirits: The Team Wins the First Prize at Shri Venkateshwara College

The Elevation of Spirits: The Team Wins the First Prize at Shri Venkateshwara College

Dance is the Joy of Moment: Srijya’s First Performance for the Session 2022-23

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