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Buniyaad: The Civil Services Society

Buniyaad: The Civil Services Society of Hindu College has been instrumental in catering to the demands of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) aspirants since its establishment in 2016. Formed with a vision to create an atmosphere for Civil Services Examination (CSE) aspirants to learn and grow with like-minded and determined people, Buniyaad leaves no stone unturned in making the members get closer to their dream of cracking the prestigious CSE. The society strives to arrange weekly seminars, group discussions, quizzes and topper talks frequently. It is also very regular in conducting panel discussions ‘Avalokana’. It offers a space to discuss and deliberate upon several topics of much relevance in the UPSC CSE point of view, thus paving the way for our future bureaucrats to understand all the essential topics comprehensively. Buniyaad also organises speaker sessions where civil servants and state service officers are invited so that the aspirants can get a clear idea of the bureaucracy. Many prominent civil servants like Mr Shivshankar Menon and Dr Deepak Vohra and many other influential officers like Armstrong Pame, IAS, Himanshu Gupta, IAS, Nitish Rajaram, IAS, Krati Raj, IAS, Aparna MB, IAS, Saloni Verma, IAS, have been called upon in the recent past to educate and enlighten the aspirants with their inspiring words. The society creates current affairs bulletins, compilations and magazines to aid the students further and provides timely guidance for their preparation. Buniyaad also endeavours to make future public servants aware of real-world scenarios by conducting field trips and visiting places of historical and social importance. The annual event of this society, ‘Mridang’, is among the most extraordinary UPSC CSE-specific events that the University of Delhi has ever witnessed. Buniyaad is trying its best every day to produce more UPSC rank holders from the Hindu College, and all our significant activities are acknowledged and supported by the proactive aspirant community.




Faculty Advisor: Dr Shankar Kumar

Presidents: Ayushi Gupta and Rishabh Sharma

Vice-President: Deepesh Aggrawal

Academic Heads” Muraleekrishna and Ananya

Treasurer: Abhinav K.B.

PR and Alumni Head: Sanvika


Magazine: The Buniyaad Digest

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