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Gandhi Study Circle

The Gandhi Study Circle of Hindu College aims to create a safe and thriving intellectual space to discuss and deliberate the ideas and philosophy of arguably the foremost visionary of India, the father of the nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Also known as ‘Bapu’ and ‘Mahatma’, Gandhi’s contribution to the making of the Indian nation is unparalleled, simultaneously adopting the role of not only a freedom fighter but also a theorist, philosopher, social reformer, lawyer and saint. It is pertinent to keep revisiting Gandhi’s thoughts and ideas as they hold immense value in our fractured contemporary world. From his vision of village-based governance to his dedication to ending untouchability, the path of truth and non-violence will have relevance and generate newer forms of engagement in years to come. On an especially relevant note, his thoughts and action to achieve interfaith harmony and maintain a modicum of mutual love amidst disagreements shine brightly as precepts for guidance. Gandhi Study Circle is not a space where Gandhi is exalted unthinkingly, nor is it a place where he is criticised unreflectively. Through this novel initiative, we aim to revisit and create a critical discourse around one of the most significant personalities to date and probe the relevance of his ideas in today’s times. Above all, it is a platform to discuss and critically analyse Gandhi’s ideas, vision and philosophy in conjunction with his opponents and votaries, then and now. Since the inception of Gandhi Study Circle in Hindu College, we have organised many activities to gain insight into Gandhian philosophy and the practical values he preached throughout his lifetime. The Gandhi Study Circle has organised ‘Charkha Sessions’ in the past to understand the spinning wheel’s functioning, which undoubtedly held a special significance in the life of Mahatma Gandhi. To propagate Gandhian ideals, numerous ‘essay writing competitions’, ‘debates’ and ‘quizzes’ centred around the life of Mahatma Gandhi have been organised successfully. Painting and rangoli-making competitions have also been integral to the Gandhi Study Circle. Gandhian philosophy and ideas are like a deep ocean which has no bounds. At Gandhi Study Circle, we aim to dwell deep into Gandhi’s beliefs and practices to gain an insight into the intricacies of his complex philosophy and ideology. This initiative is a scholastic attempt to read, analyse, debate, understand and explore the various dimensions of Mahatma Gandhi’s personality and philosophy, which undoubtedly hold utmost relevance in the turbulent times we are living in.


Activities, 2022-23

  • The Gandhi Study Circle, Hindu College, conducted its Inaugural Gandhi Lecture on March 16th, Thursday at 5:30 pm. Dr Faisal Devji, eminent historian, author and Professor at the University of Oxford, delivered the lecture on ‘Gandhi and Non-Violence: Relevance and Alternative Visions’.
  • On 31st March, Friday afternoon, the Gandhi Study Circle members, along with other students from Hindu College, visited the Harijan Sevak Sangh Gandhi Ashram. The tour was led by Dr Jagdish Chander and Dr Anirudh Kumar from the Department of Political Science. The group was fortunate to be guided by Shri Sanjay Rai, the Secretary of Harijan Sevak Sangh.
  • The Gandhi Study Circle, Hindu College hosted a lecture by Dr Ananya Vajpeyi titled ‘Ambedkar and Gandhi: Lost Love, Broken Vows and Intimate Enmity’ on the eve of Ambedkar Jayanti, 13th April.




Faculty Advisor: Dr Maneesha Pandey


President: Muhammad Luqman O.P.

Vice-President: Milind Shekhar Singh

General Secretary: Ruby Hanah


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