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Alankar - The Indian Music Society

Alankaar, the Indian music society of Hindu College, strives to uphold this spirit of the journey of discovering music. The legacy of our predecessors, constantly invoking a sense of oneness and inclusion, will forever be the hallmark of this society. Alankaar offers the right platform to keen disciples of music, since what is once bound by music never devolves.

Established in 1998, Alankaar the Indian Music Society of Hindu College seeks and works to be a society that brings an atmosphere of advanced music production and teaching. The society intends to offer advice and encouraging its members to pursue a career in music. As a society, Alankaar aspires to make a mark in the DU Indian music society circuit with its talent and sincere perseverance, while being cooperative and inclusive.

We aim to collectively

• bring together a group of musically talented students to share their abilities and promote quality music.

• inculcate enthusiasm for learning music and providing education on Indian classical genres of music.

• familiarize students on music production as a whole, and the technology related to it.

• establish Alankaar as the best among all the prominent Indian music societies.

• help build careers in music for all trained and untrained musicians/instrumentalists.

• organize and participate in intra- and inter-college level competitions to involve participation from all colleges in Delhi University

Faculty Advisor

Dr Archana Verma

Office Bearers

President: Arunima Srivastava

Vice President: Sandeep Mohanty

Treasurer: Vinamra Malhotra

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Activities at a Glance

Alankaar, the Indian Music Society of Hindu College, has proved its brilliance as one of the best music societies once again and left its mark in the IMS circuit of The University of Delhi with its captivating melodies that had everyone mesmerized. The countless competitions they won validate this fact. Alankaar participated in multiple fests organized by the various colleges of Delhi University and secured the following positions.

Secured the first position at AIIMS

Secured the first position at Maitreyi College

Secured the first position at Sri Aurobindo College 

Secured the first position at PGDAV College

Secured the first position at IIT Delhi

Secured the first position at IIT Kanpur 

Alankaar has the most brilliant and amazing musical minds. Each individual beholds incredible talent. Their passion for music is truly inspirational; thus, it is no surprise that their incredible skill and talent has ensured numerous individual wins.

Alankaar has broken all the previous records with 27 wins this session and has yet again proved its mettle in the IMS circuit of the University of Delhi. The hard work, discipline, and sheer dedication of all the members made this session a huge success for Alankaar. Individual and collective wins have made Alankaar a force to reckon with.




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