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Aria - The Western Music Society

About the Society:

            Aria, the Western Music Society of Hindu College, is one of the heavyweights of colleges Music Circuit in Delhi. Almost 2 decades old, and with a large number of wins under its belt at some of the most prestigious venues, it has established itself as one of the most renowned societies of Delhi University. Aria consists of 3 co-dependent groups within the society: The Acapalla group, the Band, and Polygoons, a recent hip-hop addition to the society, consisting of rappers and beatboxers. All the said groups of the society perform independently while also collaborating with each other. Aria includes vocalists categorized as Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and some of the intermediate categories such as mezzo, counter-tenor and baritone as well. The band consists of guitarists, pianists, bassists and a drummer along with lead vocalist(s). Rappers and beatboxers from Polygoons performs as a group, solo artists, and in collaboration with the Band, and Acapella. The Society has recently introduced a management wing with graphic designers, VFX specialists and PR heads. Aria currently has around 35 members across its various teams. The society is known for its passion for music, its active practice sessions in quiet corners of the college after hours and how close knit the group is as a family. The society aspires to provide a platform for western musical talent, a place for musicians interested in the genre to get together and make good music. Aria provides a space for them to flourish in by learning, performing and enhancing their talents and skills. Several alumni of the society get into professional music and the western music industry every year.

  1. Teacher advisor: Dr. Devanshi Magoo, Department of Chemistry
  2. Current Office Bearers:
  • Presidents: Ananya Sehgal, Anvita Patra
  • Vice President: Masoom Shivam Madhavan Boro
  • Band Director: Ansh Sethi
  • General Secretary: Atharv Raturi

Aim and Vision:

            Aria, The Western Music Society of Hindu College, has been one of the core societies of the college since its foundation. We play a prominent role in the Western Music circuit of Delhi University, participating and winning in various A cappella, solo, duet competitions, fusion and western band events. Our society has nurtured some great talents in the field of music and we aspire to continue with the same.

The associated event reports in brief are as follows:

Pride Parade, August 2022

            Pride is an occasion of inclusivity and celebration that recognizes the tenacity of the queer community. Hindu College Queer Community (HCQC) organized Hindu Pride Parade in August, 2022.

            The Sanganeria Auditorium of our college saw the cultural component of the event starting with thoughtful spoken word poetry performances by members of Scribe: the Literary society of our college, a fashion show by Nakshatra: The Fashion Society and a Musical Ensemble by Aria, the Western Music Society of our college. 

            We were invited to perform for the event. Our set comprised of a soulful rendition of Michelle by Sir Chloe with Priyansha Singh Rathore as the vocalist with Band-in-Charge Ansh Sethi on the electric guitar, and Co-President Anvita Patra on the keyboard. This performance was followed by a rendition of "I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend" by Girl in Red, sung by Anvita Patra, accompanied by Ansh Sethi on electric guitar and Darwin Saini on the drums. The event was successful in bringing together students from across Delhi University.

Teachers’ Day, September 5, 2022

            On the occasion of teachers’ day, members of Aria performed in the Sanganeria Auditorium for a crowd full of teachers and students.

            On teacher’s day, the band expressed their gratitude and respect for the teachers of this institution by coming up with a short routine specifically for the event. First a medley of retro songs was performed by Vivek, Chirag with Vivek on the guitar as a throwback to all the top hits of so many teachers’ childhoods. Up next was Coldplay’s “Yellow” which was performed melodiously by Atharv with Ananya on the drums and Vivek and Khushi on the guitar. The set ended with “21 guns” by Green Day which was performed by Chirag with the same set of instrumentalists. The performance was an overall success and the audience engaged and hummed along with the songs.

‘Aahaar’- Science Forum Fest, September 6, 2022

            Aria, the Western Music Society of Hindu College, was invited to perform at an event organized by the Science Forum of Hindu College on the 6th of September, 2022. The event, called Aahaar, included talk sessions by prominent nutrition specialists and dieticians like Dr. Shikha Singh and Dr. Ishi Khosla, to educate the audience about important elements of diet and how we must eat according to our activity, age and sex. They also spoke about the new findings in their fields that challenged misconceptions about often ignored foods and cooking methods.

Aahaar also included quizzes and interactive Q&A sessions in which the audience got a chance to showcase their knowledge about the world of food and get their questions answered by the esteemed speakers. There were activities and games organized in the sports complex as well. Aria was invited to perform in between two speaker sessions and energize the crowd. The band, for the first time, had multiple vocalists on board that normally comprise the acapella. They performed We will rock you by Queen as a sound check and had a strong applause going before they even begun the performance.

            The set list included popular hits from the 90s as well as modern numbers to appeal to the wider audience. The band had its usual members- Ananya on the drums, Vivek and Khushi on various guitars and Atharv, Masoom and Srijan on the keys. Aria opened with Srijan performing Yellow by Coldplay, which was appreciated by the audience. They moved on to Die happy sung by Rolin. After this, Zorem, Rajdeep and Masoom raised the roof of the auditorium by performing Empire state of mind in a vocal, beatboxing and rap trio. The venue was filled with applause at the end of this number. Chirag stepped onto the stage at this point and performed the classic 21 Guns by Greenday. It was an instant crowd favorite. It included a thrilling guitar solo by Khushi. Aria's band ended with all vocalists and band members joining in to perform Scars to Your Beautiful that was requested by the Science Forum as a theme appropriate song. Zorem enthralled the audience with her lead vocals and Chirag and Rolin boosted the show with their harmonies. This was a much-appreciated song, given its relevance to the theme and its popularity thanks to Instagram.

            The organizers thanked Aria for its splendid performance and the applause was worth the effort for the band. As Aria packed up and left the stage it had officially kick started its performance season for this semester and this was undoubtedly a strong start. Another memory for the books, another feather in Aria's cap.

Aria Orientation, November 14, 2022

            The orientation session for the freshman batch of 2025 and 2026 was held at the Relaxo Research Centre on 15th November 2022. The orientation for the newly inducted students had a promising turnout with burgeoning questions pertaining the functioning of the society, nature of our productions, practice sessions, application process for society’s membership and the required skillsets for instrumentalists and vocalists. The Co- Presidents Ananya Sehgal and Anwita Patra and Band-In-Charge Ansh Sethi, tried their best to clarify all the doubts and queries regarding the society and discussed at length about the society’s functioning, the practice sessions for the vocalists and band members and how we went about our previous productions. 

            To demonstrate the structure and nature of our productions, we began the performing segment with Aadarsh Anand on the guitar and Ananya Dubey. They performed a duet version of the song "Say you won't let go" by James Arthur. 

            Chirag Singh, Arijit Ray as the vocalists and Rajdeep Mookherjee as the beatboxer performed a rendition of "In the End" by Linkin Park. 

            "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes was performed by Chirag, Arijit, Ananya Dubey as the vocalists and Ananya Sehgal on the keyboard. 

            Atharv Rathuri: the General Secretary of the society and Kumali Ovung staged a show of "If The World Was Ending" by JP Saxe and Julia Michaels and "What I've Been Waiting For" by Brian McKnight with Atharv on the keyboard.

            Our President Ananya Sehgal also enthralled the audience with her rendition of "Enchantment by Yanni" on the piano, giving everyone a glimpse of western classical composition for classical music enthusiasts. 

            Fellow core members; Band in-Charge Ansh Sethi and Co-President Anvita Patra on vocals delivered a tale of Best Part by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R. It was a soulful acoustic performance. 

            Afthab and Rajdeep came as a rap-beatbox duet and delivered bars. 

            On display, followed the acapella piece, which meant the music was solely sung, devoid of any instruments, by all the vocalists of the society. The song chosen for this performance was Super Trouper by ABBA, which gave the aspiring future vocalists from the freshman year a glimpse into what training and execution in this body of the society looks like. 

            The audience members were encouraged to perform and display their musical prowess. We witnessed some amazing performances from a piano ballad to guitar solos to contemporary Bollywood and Taylor Swift songs.  We were surprised to see a display of their immense talent and potential.

            The orientation concluded on a promising note with the society gearing up for the auditions and induction process.

IIT BHU fest, 19-22 January, 2023

            IIT (BHU), one of the premium engineering universities in India encompassing the trajectory of engineering education and research, organized Kashiyatra, the annual socio-cultural festival of IIT (BHU) Varanasi which is a three-day fiesta, aimed towards mesmerizing everyone with enchanting literary, musical and artistic events. It is the largest cultural festival of northern India. IIT (BHU) rests within Asia's biggest residential university, BHU in the holy city of Varanasi. Varanasi, the eternal city, houses plethora of traditions and has an ecstatic blend of cultures of myriad races. This event took place on 19th January 2023 at 8.00 am in Shatabdi Bhawan. Among all the groups who participated in the events of Kashiyatra one was ARIA, with its resolute acumen for consummate musicians it is the western music society of Hindu College, Delhi University and has been one of the most successful cultural societies of the University of Delhi over the last few years. Its setup consists of a Staff Supervisor and then among the student members it has President, Vice President, General Secretary and the Treasurer. The society is divided into two major parts, the band and the acapella group.

            Among all the events that were held Aria performed in two of the major events, CROSSWINDZ, the battle of the band in Western Music category and SANLAYAN, the solo instrumental in Indian Music category. The band performed four songs which included Criminal by Fiona Apple, Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, Kiwi by Harry Styles and one original composition named Superstition. One of the President of the Society, Ananya Sehgal, performed in the solo instrumental category. Even though the performance was loved by the audience he could not make it to the finals. In the solo instrumental category also, the performer did not reach the finals. And finally, after all these Band Performances, Acapella, Solo Singing, Duets and Beat Box Faceoffs the chief guests handed over the prizes to several winners and congratulated each and every participant and also the entire organisation team of IIT(BHU) for conducting such a marvellous and fruitful event which was overall a grand success.

Hindu College Founder’s Day, February 15, 2023

            Hindu College celebrated its 124th Founder’s Day on the 15th of February, 2023 with zeal and great enthusiasm. The event was graced by the presence of G-20 representative Shri. Amitabh Kant who was the chief guest for the occasion. The celebration also brought in the debut of the college song, which was composed by former faculty member Dr. Harish Naval.

The event was filled with performances by various societies that included a showcase of talents from different performing societies with dance, drama and music. The dynamic of western and Indian art forms created a wide array of unique and interesting performances that piqued the interests of all students and members of the college.

            Aria, the western music society of Hindu College also took part as one of the acts in the showcase of the societies of the college. The performance consisted of a set of 3 songs which were classic and timeless. These songs were Imagine, by John Lennon, Stand by Me, by Ben. E King and I Want It That Way, by The Backstreet Boys which were sung in this order. The three individuals that performed these songs were S.Bangshing Panja, who was one the lead vocalist of the trio, Atharv Rathuri, who was one of the lead vocalist as well as the pianist and lastly Maongtoshi Imchen, who was the background vocalist as well as the guitarist. The song Imagine, by John Lennon was suggested by one of the faculty members who were in-charge of the performances of the societies and it was a great fit to the set as it was a well-known song and also very mellow and soft that complemented Bangshing Panja’s voice and performance as he sang this particular song accompanied by Atharv Rathuri’s background vocals and the guitar. The other two songs were also well known by almost all the people in the crowd where Ben. E King’s song as well as Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way bridged both young and old members being two timeless classics. The performance was well received by the crowd as these were all well known songs and they were performed beautifully with a multitude of harmonies and vocal dynamics. The crowd was engaged as they sang along and enjoyed the music that was presented.

            The event was a success with the performance of Aria as well as other societies showcasing their talents. The chief guest as well as the Principal spoke on the momentous occasion as the college gears up for it’s 150th Founder’s Day in the coming years.

IIT Delhi, Acapella and Battle of Bands, March 2023

            Rendezvous, one of the largest college festivals in India, brought together an array of events and activities over four exhilarating days. Held at IIT Delhi, this grand celebration showcased the talents of college students from across the country. Among the standout performers was Aria, a band renowned for their exceptional musicianship and captivating performances.

            Rendezvous offered a diverse range of events and competitions, captivating a massive audience of music enthusiasts. From acapella performances to thrilling battles of bands, the festival provided a platform for participants to display their creativity and musical prowess. It was an event eagerly awaited by students and music lovers alike.

            Aria participated in the highly competitive acapella category. Their mesmerizing renditions of popular songs like "Super Trouper," "Billie Jean," and "Magic" captivated the audience, showcasing their flawless harmonies and dynamic stage presence. Aria's engaging performance earned them a well-deserved 3rd place in the acapella category, solidifying their position as one of the top acapella groups in the festival.

            In the thrilling Indian fusion Battle of Bands category, named Tatva, Aria once again impressed with their exceptional musicality. The band presented two of their original compositions, "Rihaa" and "Premonitions," which showcased their versatility and prowess in blending different genres. The audience was enthralled by the unique fusion of styles in Aria's music, and their performance earned them a commendable 3rd place in the intensely competitive Tatva category.

            Rendezvous, the magnificent festival hosted by IIT Delhi, provided an incredible platform for college students to showcase their musical talents. Aria, with their vibrant performances and impeccable musical abilities, left an indelible mark on the festival. Their energetic acapella performance secured them 3rd place in the acapella category, while their fusion of genres in the Tatva competition earned them another well-deserved 3rd place. Aria's success at Rendezvous further cemented their position as a band of extraordinary talent and creativity. The festival celebrated the spirit of music and showcased the immense potential of young musicians, making Rendezvous a truly unforgettable experience for all who attended.

Battle of Bands at Maitrayi College, February 3, 2023

            The 3rd of February was a day of excitement and fun at Maitreyi College, Chanakyapuri, as the college held its annual fest, RHAPSODY, featuring stalls, events, and a Battle of the Bands. The competition brought together students from various colleges in the area, who came to showcase their talents and compete against each other.After a long hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, college festivals have finally been revived across the country. These festivals, which had been an integral part of college life before the pandemic, were forced to shut down in 2020 due to safety concerns and lockdowns. However, with the situation improving and vaccinations becoming more widely available, colleges are now able to resume hosting their festivals. Students and faculty alike are thrilled to see the return of these events, which provide a much-needed break from the monotony of academic life.

            The competition was held in the spacious college grounds, which had been transformed with a carnival-like atmosphere with brightly-colored stalls and tents. There were stalls selling food and drinks, as well as others featuring games and activities, such as ring toss, darts, and balloon popping. The main events of the competition took place on the central stage, where various performances were held throughout the day. There were dance performances, poetry recitals, and music performances, with each performance showcasing the diverse talents of the participants. The audience was enthusiastic and supportive, cheering loudly for their favorite performances.

            One of the highlights of the competition was the Battle of the Bands, where college bands from across the region competed against each other. The bands played a variety of genres, from rock to pop to fusion, each band bringing its unique sound and style to the competition. The audience was thrilled by the performances, dancing and singing along with the bands.

Aria, after kicking off the fest season at IIT BHU, went to their first Delhi-NCR festival and performed a set including songs by Fiona Apple, Stevie Wonder and an original composition.

Overall, the competition was a huge success, providing a platform for students to showcase their talents and skills in a fun and exciting environment. The stalls and events provided a festive atmosphere, while the performances and Battle of the Bands added an element of competition and excitement. The event was a great example of how colleges can bring together students from different backgrounds and communities to celebrate their talents and achievements.

In conclusion, the annual fest, RHAPSODY at Maitreyi College, Chanakyapuri, on the 3rd of February, was a memorable and exciting event, featuring stalls, events, and the Battle of the Bands. The competition showcased the diverse talents of the participants and provided a platform for students to come together and celebrate their skills and achievements. It was a great day for all who attended and a testament to the power of community and collaboration in creating a fun and exciting event.


Christ University, March 3, 2023


            On 3rd March 2023, Aria the Western music society of Hindu college participated in the Battle of Bands event which was organised by Christ University , as a part of there annual fest. We began the day with an energetic jam session and limbered up. Then we took the metro and finally after an exciting journey we arrived at our destination, a university thronged with the crowd awaiting for the powerful performances. The Battle of Bands event saw participation from across Delhi and NCR regions, participants were huge in numbers with teams from reputed institutions like College of Vocational Studies, PGDAV, Ramanujan College and many more.

            The theme of the event was elementary and modest, teams were given liberty to perform any genre as long as it was in a band setting. Aria’s band consisted of Atharv on Vocals, Sahil on Guitar, Ansh on the Bass, Debaditya on the Keyboard and Jasraj on Drums. The band’s set performed funk/Jazz genre which was incomparable and imposing moreover it was distinct from the usual Fusion/Metal genre which is customary in the Delhi University circuit and it ultimately grabbed the attention of the crowd. The moment our team stepped on the stage, people started whooping and cheering up for the band, it was incredible and overwhelming at the same time. People started clapping and boosting up, overall the performance was so engaging that they didn't want to stop. After all the performances, it was the time for announcing the winners, many hearts were pounding at the very moment. Although we didn't win but still we emerged victorious in everyone's heart, It was a wonderful and delightful experience altogether, the band gained a useful experience.

ADGITM Acapella, March 31, 2023

            The Acapella team of Aria, the Western Music Society of Hindu College, was selected as a finalist to compete in the Acapella Competition at the Western Music Event of the annual fest of Akhilesh Das Gupta Institute of Technology and Management (ADGITM); after a preliminary round of screening.

            The finals took place on 31st March, venue being the college campus itself. Upon reaching, our society members explored the fest which was bustling with energy and excitement and then headed to the green room designated to us. There, we had a productive pre-performance session by our beloved acapella instructor Atharv, who gave us his music theory insights, which we can never have enough of. After having a small lunch-cum-fun break, we rehearsed our piece a couple more times, before it was our turn at the stage.

            The event had very talented and reputed teams from colleges all over Delhi, like IITD, Hansraj College, PGDAV, etc.  When it was the time for our performance, the room was full of cheers and "Go Aria" hoots. The performance went splendidly, with the crowd going crazy as our Tenor-cum-rapper Bangshing lit the stage with his rap part. When the results were announced, IITD and PGDAV had won the first and second positions respectively.

            After a regrouping session from Atharv, we all headed back to the nearest metro station together, chatting along the way and then, it was time for disperse.

DCAC Rap, March 24, 2023

            The Delhi College of Arts and Commerce recently hosted an electrifying talent show competition that showcased a plethora of exceptional talent among its students. The event garnered immense excitement and participation, with a notable focus on the rap genre. The competition not only highlighted the college's commitment to nurturing diverse artistic expressions but also provided a platform for aspiring rappers to shine. Amidst fierce competition, Ansh, a rapper from Hindu college, took the spotlight with his captivating performance. He mesmerized the audience with his impeccable flow, thought-provoking lyrics, and dynamic stage presence. His ability to convey raw emotions through his verses and deliver a powerful message propelled him to victory, making him the unanimous choice of the judges and the audience alike. The talent show competition held at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce proved to be an extraordinary celebration of rap talent. The participants' performances displayed their passion, creativity, and dedication to the craft. Ansh's remarkable victory demonstrated his exceptional skills and artistry, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. The event served as a platform for nurturing and encouraging budding artists, highlighting the vibrant rap culture prevalent among the youth.

Vibe Culture Club Rap, May 1, 2023

            Vibe Culture, a prominent event management company, recently organized an exhilarating rap battle event that showcased the finest talents in the rap community. The event, which took place in a bustling venue, attracted a diverse crowd of rap enthusiasts, artists, and music lovers. Among the pool of gifted contenders, Ansh emerged as the winner, showcasing his exceptional rap skills and lyrical prowess.

            The rap battle event commenced with intense energy and enthusiasm as participants took turns on the stage, engaging in fiery verbal duels filled with clever wordplay and powerful punchlines. The contestants displayed remarkable improvisation skills, captivating the audience with their quick wit and lyrical dexterity. The event provided a platform for artists to showcase their ability to freestyle and deliver hard-hitting verses, fostering a vibrant and competitive atmosphere. Vibe Culture's rap battle event was a thrilling display of talent, creativity, and competitive spirit within the rap community. The event showcased the diversity and skill of the participants, captivating the audience with their electrifying performances. Ansh's victory in the rap battle event underscored his exceptional rap abilities and positioned him as a force to be reckoned with in the rap scene. The event's success not only celebrated the art of rap but also fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among rap enthusiasts and artists.

Bandstand, The Pianoman, April 24, 2023

            Bandstand: A Thrilling Battle of Bands at The Piano Man, Gurugram

            Bandstand, a highly anticipated college-level intercollege fest, held its electrifying Battle of Bands event on the 14th of April at the renowned venue, The Piano Man, located in Gurugram. With a lineup of exceptional college bands from the circuit, the competition showcased an array of genres and styles, creating an unforgettable musical experience for all attendees.

            The Battle of Bands event at Bandstand drew a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts and featured an impressive panel of judges, Ashton Vaz and Nishant Iyer. Both judges are prominent figures in the music scene of Delhi and Goa, adding prestige and expertise to the event. Their invaluable insights and discerning ears ensured a fair and unbiased evaluation of the participating bands.

            The event witnessed the participation of the finest college bands, each bringing their unique musical talents and stage presence to the forefront. Among the standout performers was Aria, a band known for their exceptional musicianship and captivating performances.

Aria's Performance:

            Aria captivated the audience with their enthralling performance, which comprised a blend of covers and original compositions. They kicked off their set with a mesmerizing cover of "Gone Under" by Snarky Puppy and Shayna Steele, showcasing their ability to infuse soulful elements into their music.

            Their set also included two original compositions, "Rihaa" and "Premonitions," which demonstrated their versatility and prowess in blending different genres. "Rihaa" featured an indie pop-inspired take, creating a melodious and catchy atmosphere, while "Premonitions" delved into heavier, metal-infused indie fusion, highlighting their ability to explore diverse musical territories. Aria's performance left the audience in awe, thoroughly impressed by their individual and collective musical abilities.

            The exceptional talent and captivating performance of Aria did not go unnoticed. They managed to secure the first position in the highly competitive band category, earning well-deserved recognition for their remarkable musicianship, stage presence, and creativity. Aria's victory was a testament to their dedication and hard work, solidifying their position as one of the top college bands in the circuit.

            Furthermore, the Battle of Bands event also recognized outstanding vocalists. Among them, Anvita Patra and Atharv Raturi from Aria stood out, showcasing their exceptional vocal abilities and captivating the audience with their performances. Their combined talent and stage presence earned them the prestigious prize of the overall "Best Vocalist" of the event. Their remarkable achievements further enhanced Aria's success and highlighted their exceptional musical prowess.

            The Bandstand Battle of Bands event at The Piano Man, Gurugram, proved to be a spectacular celebration of musical talent and creativity. The participating college bands showcased their skills and passion, making it an unforgettable night for all attendees. Aria's exceptional performance, including their captivating cover and impressive original compositions, left a lasting impression on the audience. Their triumph in the band category, along with Anvita Patra and Atharv Raturi's recognition as the overall "Best Vocalists," added to Aria's accomplishments, solidifying their position as a powerhouse in the college music scene. Bandstand once again affirmed its reputation as an esteemed platform for emerging musicians and a must-attend event for music lovers in the college circuit.

Battle of Bands (IIFT), February, 2023

            On the 11th of February, Aria, the Western Music Society of Hindu College participated in the Battle of Bands event held at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) as part of their annual fest ‘Quo Vadis’. After an early morning jam session, our band took to the metro as means of reaching the location of the event- the Institute itself- with high hopes and  aspirations. The Battle of Bands event saw participation from across Delhi and NCR circuits, with teams from reputed institutions like College of Vocational Studies, PGDAV, Ramanujan College,

etc. The theme of the event was simple; teams could perform any genre as long as it was in a band setting. Aria’s band consisted of Atharv on Vocals, Sahil on Guitar, Ansh on the Bass, Debaditya on the Keyboard and Jasraj on Drums. The band’s set encapsulated the Funk/Jazz genre which was pretty unique as compared to the competition as it steered away from the usual Fusion/Metal genre extremely prevalent in the Delhi University circuit. When the band went on stage, the crowd downright roared for our band. The performance was extremely tight and groovy. People even started counting and clapping with the vocalist. All in all, the audience was enthralled and loved our set. Finally, it was time for the results, and to no one’s surprise Aria’s band proved their mettle by securing a podium finish; the band bagged the 3rd position amongst tough competition winning a cheque worth Rs. 8000 and making it a learning and memorable experience.

Shyam Lal College Battle of Bands, February 2023-05-29

            Aria, the Western Music Society of Hindu College, participated in the annual fest conducted by Shyam Lal College, Delhi University. The society competed in three different capacities, which serves as the testimony to the diversity present within our performing arts society. The members of the band participated in the band wars and enticed the audience with their rocking and nuanced performance, encompassing various genres of the music world. The atmosphere was filled with high-octane teenage energy of the participants. The band members, consisting of our drummer, a bass player, an electric guitarist, our own 'Elvis Presley' on the keyboard and our solo leads, main vocalist and rapper. The singers and musicians built up the entire atmosphere in such an exquisite manner that one who doesn't have a sweet tooth for western music genres will surely be tempted to try it out. The crowd swayed to the tunes of the performance, serving as the distinguishing factor amongst other competent competitors from the college circuit of Delhi-NCR. The band surely represented what we at Aria wish to behold in front of the audience, and that is charisma and competency at the highest levels. The participants from other colleges brought with them the aspect of uniqueness and diversity, with each performance being equally enticing and engaging. Surely, a huge round of applause is well deserved by every participant team for bringing and giving their all to make the event a successful one.

Aria's members also participated in the solo beat-box event, organized by the college. The event served as a lens to the growing popularity of beat boxing as a performance art. Various participants from the DU circuit and beyond came to participate and enthrall the audience to their groovy beats and hard bass. The participants, high on adrenaline and joy, have every ounce of their blood and sweat in the competition of who's the better beat-boxer. The audience loved the conduction of the event which involved two participants going face to face on stage and leaving everything there itself. The intricate nuances and surprising sounds reproduced by the beat-boxers can surely be deputed as the highlight of the beat-box event. The members representing Aria did a splendid job in showcasing their talent and love for this art. The competition proved to be a lesson for every participant and promulgated the aspect of healthy competition.

Although the result was not in favor in the battle of bands, the band’s spirit sure was. Everyone performed to the best of their capabilities, displaying what the society, Aria, means for each individual. The participants of the beat-box event reciprocated the same. We kept our heads high because of the positivity and excitement in future opportunities waiting to be conquered by the societies.  The day concluded with a jam session among the band members and the rappers of the society, which thrilled the audience. Although the jam was reserved to a set of lucky people, it is sure that the energy permeated throughout the students’ circuit.

SRCC Acapella, March 31, 2023

SRCC, one of the most prestigious and academically celebrated colleges of the University of Delhi recently organised their annual Western Music Competition, THE GAME OF NOTES '23. The Western Music Society of the College, Catharsis was at the helm of the event which took place on March 31 at about 1:00 in the afternoon in their college auditorium. The Acapella group of Aria, the very renowned Western Music Society of Hindu College grabbed the opportunity of participating in this thrilling event along with many other colleges.

The event started off with a rip-roaring performance by the society's band, followed by a warm welcome of the esteemed chief guests. The order of performance of the participants was decided through a lucky draw system with Swaranjali, the MuSoc of Hansraj College going first followed by our very own, Aria. The versatility of the musical rendition which included a classical piece, Michael Jackson's world famous "Billie Jean", a rap selection and other melodious songs that left the audience wonderstruck. The electrifying rap stole the show and the audience couldn't stop cheering and hooting! Other gripping performances included those of Orpheus (Miranda House), MuSoc (KMC), Echo (JMC), Euphony (Gargi College) and a few more colleges.

The event came to an end with Echo of Jesus and Mary College (JMC) winning the first prize. MuSoc, Kirori Mal College and Euphony, Gargi College won the first and the second runners up positions respectively. All in all, the Game of Notes 2023 was extremely fun and therefore, a great success!


Aria members Priyansha, Anvita, Ansh and Darwin perform at Pride Parade, Hindu College.


The winners of Bandstand Delhi held at The Pianoman, Gurugram, the Aria band and some of the vocalists celebrate their achievement with their presidents outside the premises. Bagging this brought one of the highest accolades possible in the Delhi Music circuit to Hindu College.


Aria members pose after collecting their first ever Aria Merch!


The Band Enthralls the audience at Maitreyi College, Delhi



Aria performing at the Science forum fest, Hindu College

The president of Aria, Ananya Sehgal performs with the Battle of Bands Judge, Karan Kaushik on Mecca ’23 day 1 at Hindu College sports complex

Detailed report of Arpeggio ’23 under Mecca

Aria, the Western Music society of Hindu College, Delhi University organised its annual fest Arpeggio, under Mecca 2023, the college’s revival of its yearly celebration. The season of competitions and performances, and the revelry that comes with, saw Aria host various events. Post registrations, the first day culminated with the enthralling Battle of Bands, as teams from multiple institutions took the main stage, going head-to-head as they played fusion sets comprising of both covers and originals, in line with the theme, Jazz-e-Qawwali. The first and second position were taken by Amritva and Qaafila respectively. A welcome recognition amongst artists played out as the judge, Karan Kaushik thoroughly impressed with the contenders, went on to close the festivities for Day 1 with a performance of popular Bollywood classics for the audience. Prizes included cash bonuses, and other benefits such as access to recording and practice facilities and lessons.

Day 2 of the fest started early as the acapella event, Get Phunkt’s participants took on the acoustics of large-running classrooms, many of whom were laying to bed their annual pieces amidst graduating seniors and its characterising change. All present did not pass up on opportunities to sing along to the popular hits, interrupted only by the competitor’s’ innovative renditions of complex classical arrangements, as they were judged by the extremely accomplished Ms. Dina Ramliani Ralte. Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University’s group was crowned first, with Kirori Mal College, Delhi University pulled in second.

Parallel to this, the amphitheatre of the college shepherded enthusiasts and curious onlookers alike as the rap and beat-boxing events, dubbed Beats for Brunch, unfolded. Judged by Kunal Grover, the beatboxers engaged in a 60-second face-off as the crowd cheered. Yash emerged as the winner as Kushagra was placed second. Rudra, a seasoned rapper from the Indian scene, ascertained the winners for the rap event, which also had a cypher segment, encouraging impromptu call-and-response bars from the participants. Coming in first was Mohak, as Aman Nirmal was named the runner-up. The event was closed with an incredible show from the society’s hip-hop collective, Polygoons. Similar to day 1, winners gained monetary compensation and other privileges such as free studio and jam pad sessions.

Considering the uncertainty that surrounded Mecca for the outgoing batch, the society would hold its edition of the annual fest a success, with a plethora of professional and interpersonal exposure and fulfilment. It has set the ball rolling in terms of organizational experience and creative perspectives gained, regardless of administrative positions or years spent in the membership of Aria, or the general premises of our beloved Hindu.


  1.  Activities At a Glance:
    1. Pride Parade performance in collaboration with Hindu College Queer Collective [August, 2022]
    2. Teacher's day celebration performance [September 5, 2022]
    3. Aahaar - Science Forum Fest invited performance [September 6, 2022]
    4. Aria Orientation for Freshman batch 2023 [November 15, 2022]
    5. Battle of Bands competition at IIT-BHU [January 18-22, 2023]
    6. Founder's Day invited performance [February 15, 2023]
    7. Battle of Bands at IIT, Kanpur [January 19, 2023]
    8. Battle of Bands at Maitreyi College [February 3, 2023]
    9. Western solo singing (1st prize), Battle of Bands (3rd prize) and solo rap at IIFT [February 10-11, 2023]
    10. Rap/Beatbox group at PGDAV College [February 15, 2023]
    11. Deen Dayal Upadhyay College, Battle of Bands [February 16, 2023]
    12. IGDTUW Acapella competition [February 16, 2023]
    13. Battle of Bands competition at DTU [February 19, 2023]
    14. Beatbox Competition and Battle of Bands at Shyam Lal College [February 3, 2023]
    15. Solo Rap at Symbiosis Law School [March 3, 2023]
    16. Christ University, Battle of Bands [March 3, 2023]
    17. Acapella Competition (3rd place) and Battle of Bands (3rd place) at IIT, Delhi [March 9-12, 2023]
    18. Solo Rap at ARSD College [March 23, 2023]
    19. DCAC Talent show Solo Rap (1st position) [March 24, 2023]
    20. Acapella Competition at SRCC [March 31, 2023]
    21. Acapella Competition at ADGITM [March 31, 2023]
    22. Polygoons group guest performance at Satyawati College [April 1, 2023]
    23. Solo rap at NDIM [April 6, 2023]
    24. Solo rap at NSUT [April 7, 2023]
    25. Delhi Bandstand at The Pianoman, Gurugram (1st place) [April 14, 2023]
    26. Solo singing at VMMC (1st position) [April 21, 2023]
    27. Guest performance - Rap and beatbox at DRC [April 24, 2023]
    28. Rap competition at Vibe Culture Club (1st place) [May 7, 2023]

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