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Caucus is the discussion forum and international cell of Hindu College, University of Delhi. We value academic discussions and discourse. It is through these conversations that we can tickle the intellect of our members and invoke opinions from across the spectrum. We make humble efforts toward the development and intellectual growth of our members. Through this process, we are able to produce scholars who are articulate and opinionated. Given the competitive environment of Delhi University, it is our prerogative to stride further ahead and give our members an edge over their fellow companions. It is in this direction that we encourage our members to express their opinions on issues of policy, international relations, and domestic and international developments among others in the form of the written word. Our blog is meant to provide a platform to our members as well as serve the wider prospective audience by providing perspectives on various subjects. We also publish a non-partisan monthly magazine “The Probe” with an ambition to create a platform that promotes writing & reporting among the students and enables them to engage in a learning experience with experts & working professionals.

Caucus was formed in 2007 with the aim to discuss and deliberate. We also provide our members with avenues to grow and explore through the various events that we organise. We organise group discussions weekly where we discuss current events. Some of our events include the “Hindu Policy Talks”, “International Hindu Model United Nations”, Roundtable discussions with dignitaries, etc. We also encourage our members to indulge in research and provide them with all the necessary support regarding publication.


Faculty Advisor

Prof. Shalini Suryanarayan

Office Bearers

President: Avanindra Yadav

Vice President: Mudita Mishra

General Secretary: Shreya Prasoon, Vidhi Sharma, Vineet Kumar

The drive link for accessing the issue of The Probe is:



Activities at a Glance


List of Events Organised in the Odd Semester of the Year 2022


S.No Name of the Event Date of the Event
1. India & the World Economy - A Roundtable Discussion with Ms. Puja Mehra (Senior Economic Journalist) 28-07-22
2. A six-day long Workshop with Dr Stephan Engelkamp on 18-07-22
  ‘Global Governance of Conflict Security’ in collaboration with 20-07-22
  King’s College London 27-07-22
3. Group Discussion on the topic: Deliberating the Impact of Roe
vs Wade being overturned
4. Organising the speaker session under the aegis of ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ with Mr. Uday Mahurkar (Central Information Commissioner, Government of India) 23-08-22
5. Group Discussion on the topic: Independence of Judiciary in India 24-08-22
6. Participation in National Level Competition organised by Quarterfinals:
  Prajatantra Foundation representing the college (Participants: Avanindra Yadav, Raksha Jha, Shreeya Prasoon, Utkarsh 26-08-2022 to
  Mishra, Vidhi Sharma, Siddhant Sinha) 10- 09-2022 to
    11- 09-22
7. Study Visit to the Parliament of India (Jointly organised by the Lok Sabha Secretariat) 06-09-22
8. Group Discussion on the topic: Fate vs. Free Will 08-09-22
9. Group Discussion on the topic: Federalism and Centralised Bureaucracy in India 14-09-22
10. Inter-College Societies’ Group Discussion: India’s Welfare Architecture 16-09-22
11. Organising the Q&A session at the book launch of ‘Delhi University: Celebrating 100 Glorious Years’
(Members involved Avanindra Yadav, Vidhi Sharma, Vineet Kumar, Jeevesh Kumar Maurya and Utkarsh Mishra)
12. Group Presentation on the topic: The Gyanvapi Issue 03-10-22
13. Group Discussion on the topic: Impact of 5G on the Global Economy 10-10-22
14. Revisiting    the    Gandhi-Ambedkar    Debate:    A Roundtable Discussion with Prof. Narender Kumar (JNU) 17-10-22
15. Income & Wealth Inequalities in India: A Roundtable Discussion with Dr Rishabh Kumar (Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston) 19-10-22
16. Group Presentation on the topic: Extending Reservations to Converted Scheduled Castes 03-11-22
17. Group Discussion on the topic: The Ongoing Iranian Protests 04-11-22
18. Dynamics of the Indo-Pacific: A Roundtable Discussion with Amb. Shyam Saran (Former Foreign Secretary of India) 07-11-22
19. Group Discussion on the topic: Discussing Supreme Court’s Verdict on the EWS Reservations 11-11-22



List of Events Organised in the Even Semester of the Year 2023

S.No Name of the Event Date of the Event
1. Dissecting EWS Reservations – An Interview with Professor Satish Deshpande, a Professor of Sociology at the Delhi School of Economics. (Interviewed by:- Ms. Gaurvi Saluja and Mr. Siddhant Sinha) 05-12-22
2. Interview with Mr. Raju Kendre, Founder, Eklavya Foundation on the Topic: Education for the Marginalized (Interviewed by Mr. Kumar Rajneekant and Mr. Siddhant Sinha) 01-02-23
3. Group Discussion on the Topic: India’s G20 Presidency: Amplifying the South Asian Voice 03-02-23
4. Authored a Report on the Jal Jeevan Mission for the Jal Shakti Ministry (The Authors being Mr. Anirudh Mehta, Ms. Chavi Gogna, Mr. Sahil Abhichandani, Mr. Rahul Singh Panwar and Ms. Vagmi Singh.) 07-02-23
5. Group Discussion on the Topic: Rethinking Prisons and Punishment Systems in Modern Democracies 17-02-23
6. Guest Lecture by Dr Mayssoun Sheikh, Senior Lecturer at King’s College London on the Topic: The Land Question 20-02-23
7. Round Table Discussion with Ms. Yamini Aiyar, President,
Center for Policy Research on the Topic ‘India’s federal structure’
8. Guest Lecture by Dr Ingo Scheissl, Lecturer at the University of Manchester on the Topic ‘Finding Solutions to Global Health Challenges’. 28-02-23
9. Changing Perspectives in Indian Journalism- An Interview with the Prominent Journalist Sagarika Ghose (Interviewed by Ms. Shreeya Prasoon, Mr. Nitin Vrihaspati, Ms. Gaurvi Saluja, Mr.Siddhant Sinha and Ms. Vidisha Yeshaswini) 28-02-23
10. Inter College Model United Nations Hindu under the banner of the G-20 Presidency 18-03-23
11. Hindu Policy Talks session with Dutch Ambassador H.E Martin Van Den Berg on the Topic: India- Netherlands Relations. The event was held in collaboration with the Global Youth Hindu Chapter.     22-03-23
12. Group Discussion on the Topic: Same-Sex Marriages: Judiciary vs Legislature 28-03-23
13. A Moderated Discussion with Prominent TV Journalist Mr. Rajat Sharma (Moderated by Mr. Arpit Rituraj and Ms. Ishika Shrivastava) as a part of the annual flagship event, Compass. 18-04-23
14. A Moderated Discussion with Air Marshal Rajeev Sachdeva and Former IPS Mr. Yashovardhan Azad (Moderated by Ms. Vidhi Sharma and Ms. Gaurvi Saluja) as a part of the Annual Flagship event, Compass. 18-04-23
15. A Moderated Discussion with the Founder of Nikore Associates, Ms. Mitali Nikore (Moderated by Mr. Aditya Tomar   and Ms. Shreya Mahajan) as a part of the Annual Flagship event, Compass. 18-04-23
16. A Moderated Discussion with Dr Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar (Moderated by Mr. Aditya Gill and Mr. Vineet Kumar) as a part of the Annual Flagship event, Compass. 19-04-23



Round Table Discussion with Ms. Yamini Aiyar, President,

Center for Policy Research on the Topic ‘India’s federal structure’


Caucus: The Discussion Forum’s Compass 2023 Report

18th April 2023, Hindu College -

The 16th Week of 2023 arrived in the twinkling of an eye. It was finally time for the flagship event of Caucus - The Discussion Forum, the Annual Speaker Conclave, titled Compass. Like the preceding years, Compass was organised on the 18th and 19th of April.

Kautilya School of Public Policy was our key sponsor this year. Our coverage partner was the Delhi College of Photography, while our media partner was the Instagram page, Delhi University Official.

The speaker line-up for Compass ‘23 was indeed stellar. The inaugural session was by Mr. Rajat Sharma, senior journalist and Chairperson at India TV. Over his long journey in the realm of Journalism, Mr. Sharma has acquired a tremendous deal of experience and has had the opportunity to interact with some of the most acclaimed persons in the public domain. He nonchalantly answered every question that was put forth to him during the moderated session, reminiscing about his delightful encounters, as well as letting us be privy to his tête-à-têtes. The session truly justified its epithet, “Learning from the Legends”, especially given the legendary status of the main speaker.

After the inaugural session, featuring the main star of the Annual Speaker Conclave, we were privileged to have a session which threw light on the opportunities that await aspiring policymakers, in the realm of public policy. The session was conducted by   Kautilya School of Public Policy (KSPP). Mr. Prateek Kanwal, the co-founder of KSPP, and Mr. Dilip Cherian, a member of its advisory board, participated in the session. The session was structured akin to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats. Their conversation exuded great certitude regarding the cruciality of a structured public policy degree, given the variegated technical proficiency required to be able to effectively recommend policies. Mr.  Cherian advised students to master one “hard”, i.e., arduous and arcane subject, and to add it to their skill set.

Hindu College is one of the most esteemed institutions in the Nation. Its alumni have reached great heights. The 3rd session reasserted this. Two former Hinduites, Mr. Yashovardhan Azad and Air Marshal (Dr) Rajeev Sachdeva enlightened everyone by illuminating the multifaceted nature of security. Being a former IPS officer, Azad sir focused more on internal security, while AM Sachdeva leapt beyond our borders during his exposition. The major takeaways from this session were as follows; Azad Sir emphasised the need to develop a conscientious and firm backbone for the justice system, while AM Sachdeva reassured the audience about the capability of our armed forces, especially given our ongoing quest for self-sufficiency.

Rather poignantly, the last session of the day was by Mrs. Mitali Nikore, a Hinduite, but more importantly, the founder-director of Caucus - The Discussion Forum. Mrs. Nikore  session was on “Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Moving Towards a More Inclusive Society”. The title was based on the popular metaphor of a glass ceiling acting as a divide between men and women, preventing the latter from ascending above a certain limit. Her advice can be summarised into two maxims. She asked women to be more demanding, to not acquiesce for less. On the other hand, she asked men to strive to make environments more inclusive for women. Her regard for intersectionality was evident in her plea for feminist movements to be more inclusive by transcending biodeterministic conceptualisations of gender.

With this, the first day of Compass ‘23 came to an end. With reaffirmed conviction, and the drive to ensure the successful consummation of Compass ‘23, we dispersed for the day.

19th April 2023, Hindu College

India has one of the world’s profoundly rich heritage. To ensure that our heritage survives the vicissitudes of time, however, is a most crucial endeavour. The speaker for this session was Dr Lakshayraj Singh Mewar, the prince of Udaipur. Udaipur is renowned for its beauty, often being deemed The Venice of the East. Maharaj Sahib is a noted educationist and philanthropist, a fact made evident by his humble and soft disposition. He left everyone mesmerised by reciting Shayaris. He stressed the importance of synergy between the stakeholders of India’s heritage, and its citizens, for its preservation. He also argued for the historical antecedents of the progressiveness of Mewar by referring to The Government Girl’s Senior Secondary School, Udaipur. The school was started in 1864 CE, by the House of Mewar.

India’s future is as enchantingly promising as its past. The 6th session of Compass ‘23, titled, “Tracking the India Way: The Growing Assertiveness of Indian Foreign Policy” featured Amb. Pankaj Saran explicating the recent changes in India’s foreign policy. Essentially, he summarised our recent evolution in a few pithy attributes. Increased self-confidence and greater ambitions form the first pair while the firm conviction to ensure our national interests, along with a praxis rooted in our civilizational ethos form the next pair. These principles were further illustrated by examples ranging from our stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict to our Act East policy.

Diplomacy is covert, yet acceptable. There is another stealthy method to further our national interests, namely espionage. Spyhood has left many a child fascinated, even before Sean Connery played the first James Bond! This enticing avenue was explored through the lens of one of India’s veteran spies, the greatly revered Mr. AS Dulat. Mr. Dulat articulated the need for the restoration of the democratic process in Kashmir, as well as the centrality of dialogue to the process of conflict resolution. He lamented the rise and normalisation of corruption in the bureaucracy, a phenomenon concomitant with the greater proclivity to genuflect in front of political pressure. Sir asserted the need to have more women in the intelligence agencies, citing the non-existence of any woman leader of the R&AW. After his session, Mr. Dulat very kindly waited to sign copies of his autobiography, as well as be clicked with a rather large number of excited students!

2023, over 3 quarters of a century since our independence, hence the liberty to be able to discuss policies, their implementation, and a multitude of other topics. Central to our republic is its Constitution, drafted under the aegis of Dr BR Ambedkar. It was most apposite, therefore, to end the session by discussing Dr Aakash Singh Rathore’s excellent biography of Dr Ambedkar, titled “Becoming Babasaheb". Dr Rathore’s wonderful usage of primary sources and unflinching reinterpretations of views that were previously held axiomatically was most refreshing. He discussed unveiled aspects of Dr Ambedkar’s life in a most alluring manner, yet with scholarly rigour. He pointed out the appropriation of Dr Ambedkar by not just politicians, but by Academicians who wish to ride the coattails of perhaps the greatest Indian Intellectual of the previous century. Dr Rathore was most generous and patient in interacting with students, by signing his books, as well as having photographs clicked, despite having other engagements soon.

Compass is a life-changing moment for many students. It truly embodies the tagline    “Navigating to an Informed Tomorrow”. By receiving the magnanimous guidance and cooperation of our Principal, Prof. Anju Srivastava, and our teacher-in-charge Prof.   Shalini Suryanarayan, we hope to continue the legacy of Caucus - The Discussion Forum.


Caucus: The Discussion Forum

The Probe

The Probe is a non-profit, student-run, independent & non-partisan monthly magazine published by Caucus, a student organisation of Hindu College, University of Delhi. Caucus was founded in 2007, and The Probe in 2020. We exist to hold power to account in the name of the public interest, to uphold liberal and progressive values, to fight for the common good, and to build hope. Our ambition lies in creating a platform that promotes writing & reporting among the students and enables them to engage in a learning experience with experts & working professionals

Apart from the usual lot of student submissions, The Probe has also published articles written by experts renowned in their domains; ranging from Amb Anil Trigunayat’s piece titled

“Changing Tides of Economic Diplomacy” to Dr Rila Mukherjee’s article on “Why the Sea Matters”. Completing the present quartet of expert articles, we have Dr Anu Singh’s piece on “Union Budget for an Ideal Society” and Mr. Mayur Bora’s exposition on “Human Attitude

and Development”.

For the Academic Session 2022-23, editions 15 to 18 were released. Their photos have been put on the following page. Shreya Shukla was the Editor-In-Chief of The Probe for the

Academic Session 2022-2. She has been succeeded by Mr. Siddhant Sinha.




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